Random Updates!

I'm not sure if anyone has heard it in the news lately, or even if it's a huge deal for you. Apparently a new rule has been made when traveling to the US by plane. All foreign airports are now asking for 'ALL' electronics to be turned 'ON', before boarding the plane, in order to prove it's not a threat. So from laptops to tablets, to whatever electronic you have, has to been 'ON'; or say goodbye to it. So now, since I always carry my electronics with me when I travel for work purposes, since I do not wish for it to get lost. I have to turn on my 2 laptops, 2 tablets, and all 3 smartphones, for safety purposes. Which will cause some 'delay'. So since I will be traveling this summer to the US, it will be a pain!! Better get there earlier than usual I guess. Sucks since it's when tourism it's on it's peak! But I guess I understand since it's for safety reason's, but it still sucks. LOL!

So here is everything that has been updated up until now.

  • Go Kagaya, Extra's up until #5. 
    • (Though if you cannot view Extra 5, it's still being edited but should be up by this morning, which btw it's 23:15 8/7/14 where I am at.)

Let's see...

  • Also Asena & Isuka's Extra's 1-6 have been added, yes I did add age restriction on some... not all.
  •  It's Our Secret Kevin: Story 1 has been updated as well.

If you have any questions do let me know or any errors. 

I feel like I am missing something..... Well probably nothing important.

Have a happy and safe summer!!

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