If Lugar Extra Scenarios!

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We have had quite a few fan girls request on where the vids are. LOL! Turns out, some are still being edited, why is it taking so long? I have no clue. Either way; we were going to wait till all of them were edited, but we just decided to just add the one that are done. So sorry for the long wait. Also for Sakura, all extra scenes have been added, that will be on a total different page


If Lugar Extra Scenes


**Not really: Huge Spoilers (maybe...)**



Extra Scenes: If Lugar

Sweet Marks:

The Monologue:

"I Wanna...":

Mini Review:

Routes Finished Playing: Asena, Yelisei, Yuki, Maynard, Isuka.

Won't reveal too much on the 'If Lugar Route'. But I do highly recommend!!
I have not yet played Flanelia Route.
So I didn't know Lugar was a Priest & Bishop?
I postponed playing Ingray's Route, and get Lugar's Event over with plus his so hot.
Well Aya already had the premium ending, I ended up getting the good end, which btw, was so angry to the point that i threw my phone to the floor, it's not that it was bad, but it was sad, really really sad, but at the same time I was happy but mad?! Does that make any sense, while premium, it was a happy of course ending, was not disappointed.

Highly recommend the story, it's really sweet, though the biting was kinda like WTH!!! 0_o

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