My Sweet Proposal! Limited Time Only!

Platina Pack!:

For a limited time only, you can receive 10 Story tickets, and standing mirror!!
If you don't know how where to get it. Keep on reading!

1 Step: Click on Destiny's Love Support Sales Package

2nd Step: You should see this....

Step 3: Look for Platina Package. (You can only pick it once, that's it!) (I will not use all of it, so the updates for the walkthrough will be rather slow since I need to purchase platinum!! Since I like to read the extra scenarios, and what not, plus will use when i have the key!)

Step 4: You can also get the standing mirror for free. Raise up your charm points! Also if I was you, I would purchase one of the packages from above, It's actually a really good deal!!

Hope these steps helped somewhat!!

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