Kissed by the Baddesst Bidder Sequel Epilougue TBA

I for one, am a huge fan of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder!!
Especially OTA!!! Absolutely adore him!!
So i decided to make a post of the upcoming routes that will be available soon.
Especially if you want to save up some $$$$$, it can get pretty pricey, after a while. Even though I complain I still go buy the darn HOT routes!! There is a benefit in buying the routes, it has helped me read English, no jk!!

With that in mind....

Too bad Ota is not on the list!!

At least Chel and Aya will be happy! They are huge fans of Eisuke and Soryu.

Also Mamo's Sequel is not available to play!
Photo: ♦ ♠ Kissed by the Baddest Bidder ♥ ♣

Mamoru's Sequel ~ Now Available!
The AID are back!  What will Mamoru do now?

Sneak Peak!!!
I pick up the piece of paper on the bedside table and see a message scrawled in Mamoru's handwriting.
"Goin' to work on a case. Might be gone for a while, but don't worry."

Oh...and we have an Awesome August planned for you Bidder fans!!
Eisuke and Soryu and Ota and Baba, Oh my!!

First up!
Sequel Epilogues: Eisuke, Soryu, Baba 
Where will your relationship take you next?

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