Fifty Shades of Grey... Disappointed

Good evening!! Before I go on rambling on the movie...

Not crazy about who they picked; so the movie better make up for it...but still excited about it! Another ladies night girls! Maybe we should leave mom at home on this...
Bomer could have probably brought in much needed personality to Grey’s character, to bad his not the one in the MOVIE!!!.
They could have also have picked SCOTT EASTWOOD!!

This will be 'officially' my last post till mid September (unless, my boss gives me at least a day off). The good news is Mami will be taking over all the walkthroughs, which Chel and I are really HAPPY and grateful for!!

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Now for...

Fifty Shades of Grey

... chapped lips. XD
I read the books, in 2 languages, JP, EN. They were all gifts for my b-day party. Which btw, was awkward!! Since I am known as the goody goody among my group. I never really wanted to read the book, so they bought it for me instead. Have to admit didn't like the book, skimmed thru it, since honestly was unhappy, not because of the kinky scenes but, Anastasia Steele (which is a stupid name in my opinion), jumps into her first sexual relationship because she gets tingly feelings when Christian Grey (actually not too bad of a name) looks at her.  Which sounds strangely familiar to every romantic comedy I’ve ever seen (…OK, maybe not the virgin part), it was different. Gave me a different perspective in love, and romance. Though S&M; I can't have that type of relationship, nope, love his car, the Audi R8, my main dream car!!! It's and awesome, hot car!! For now happy with my S7.
Now the movie...
First of all not so happy with Mr. Grey, I feel like he is the copy of Robert Pattison (not in a gd way). I understand that they were struggling in finding someone to take the role, but still... just from the trailer... I do not feel his intense/intimidating/attractive(that can me just me).

Just in general, I portrayed in my head, 2 beautiful people, at least for the guy to bring out something different, close to the book, but, again, reality vs. fantasy are two different things.

Maybe their acting will balance things out... so will see.
What do you think about the trailer?
Have you read the book?
Will you go and see the movie on a date or with the girls?
Or do you think this movie is stupid or and or not important?!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/fifty23f-1-web.jpg

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  1. read the book too! Yeah I must agree the *love at the first sight is a bit awkward! But don't get me wrong, I like the Mr. Grey billionaire, successful guy. Well Jamie D looks just as I imagined him to be. Only he has to prove himself..and it's not until next year! hehe