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What Song is that?!?!

Taking a walk in the country side, while waiting to finish up a commercial... it was very romantic... too bad had I had to leave the next day to go back to work.

Super HAPPY, in receiving many positive comments and msg's on the blog's music playlist, but have received quite a few wondering what is the title to a specific song??

Well glad everyone enjoys the music, I try really hard picking out music that is not boring but kinda calm and mellow. This is usually the type of music that I use to study, work, or when I read. Or even fall asleep.

Sorry darn pen, is making my writing look all messed up. 
So now the name of the song's. Well currently there are 15 songs, so not sure which one, is the song that everyone wants the title to.

But either way, not sure if everyone has noticed, but while the song is playing you can view the title name on the very bottom left side corner. Also you can view the playlist by clicking the bottom right corner next to the volume control.

Here is my Playlist.
  1. Haru wo Shiraseru Mono
  2. Shuiro no Inori
  3. Aki mo Fuyu mo Haru mo
  4. Il Porco Rosso
  5. JAZZ- (Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi - Spirited Away)<<< The Jazz Ver.
  7. Kanakana Shigure
  8. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence  
  9. Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (LIVE)
  10. Natsu to Machiawasete
  11.  STARDUST- Jazz Piano
  12. Yamagami no Mori he
  13. Summer
  14. Natsu wo Miteita [Instrumental ver.] - Hotarubi no Mori e
  15. Kimi ga Yobu Namae


  1. I actually liked the song sooo much, that I watched Hotarubi no Mori e and cried a lot!! It's awesome