My Sweet Proposal: Sakura Walkthrough

Will start with Sakura...

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Questions on how to obtain the KEY!!!
Apparently you will receive the key after playing and passing the route. This applies to all routes!
So you have to play this route again after you finish it, why!? Because to be able to view the scene you will only have 2 weeks!! The game will later explain to you in further detail!!

All Sakura Extra Scenarios have been added!

Chapter 1: The Missing Bride

(1.) You're such a kidder. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.) You were teasing me?
(3.) Don't scare me like that!

1:7 Sakura Key Extra

(1.) Please wait! (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.) But why?
(3.) We can't do that!

1:10 Premium Route Still

(1.) Don't push yourself too hard.
(2.) Trust me a little more. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) You're just not used to this. 

Chapter 2: The Groom Left Behind

(1.) But...
(2.) How did you know that?
(3.) Y... you're right... (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

2:2 Romantic Premium Route

2:4 Sakura [Extra 1] Soft Warmth (Click here!)

(1.) Me? Give you advice?
(2.) Are you sure I can do this? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) I don't know much about design, though.

2:7 Engagement Strength Trials: (+1500)

(1.) I...I'm sorry...
(2.) So that's what you think of me.
(3.) Are you disappointed? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

2:14 Sakura Extra Treasure Key

Chapter 3: Getting Attracted

(1.) Let's give it our all.
(2.) Let's make this a success. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) I'm sure it'll work out somehow.

(1.) No, I love it. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.) It’s all part of what makes you who you are.
(3.) I'm a little surprised.

3:9 Sakura [Extra 2] Sound of Love Beginning (Click here!)

(1.) Why didn't you tell me? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.) I had no idea...
(3.) I'm sorry, it's my entire fault!

Avatar Trial: Premium Avatar: 300 Platinum/Normal Avatar: 2000 Love

3:14 Premium Route: (Affection +45)

Chapter 4: Why the Bride Disappeared

(1.) I'm not mad.
(2.) I'm a little mad. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) What do you think?

(1.) You’re not pathetic.
(2.) You didn’t fool me. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) I don’t know.

4:9 Sakura [Extra 3] Living Love (Click here!)

(1.) Yes, of course.
(2.) If you'll tell me everything, yes. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) I won't leave until I've heard you out.

Chapter 5: It Started with a Kiss

5:1 Premium Route: Still (Affection +60)

(1.) I'll support you like I always have.
(2.) I'd support you even if you asked me not to.
(3.) I'll support you whether it's true or not. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

5:4 Sakura [Extra 4]: A Declaration of Happiness (180 Platinum) (Click here!)

5:5 Avatar Trial: Premium Avatar 300 Platinum/Normal Avatar 3000 Love Points

5:7 Extra Treasure Key

(1.) Sure, if it'll mean an opportunity for you.
(2.) I think you should go.
(3.) Its your dream, isn't it? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

(1.) Can't we do this some other day?
(2.) For just a bit? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) Sorry, I'm busy today.

5:14 Engagement Strength Trial

Chapter 6: Your Happiness, My Happiness

6:1 Avatar Trial: Premium Avatar: 200 Platinum/Normal Avatar: 2000 Love Points

(1.) Who're you talking about?
(2.) What do you mean by that?
(3.) Are you talking about Sakura and me? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

6:5 Sakura Extra Treasure Key

(1.) You should have told me that! (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.) Oh, I see...
(3.) But I thought for sure that...

After 6:7 Wedding Room Closet

6:9 Premium Route: Special Scenario: Still (Affection +85)

(1.) Umm... all by ourselves? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.) Is it okay for me to tag along?
(3.) I'd love to go.

6:14 Avatar Trial: Premium Avatar: 300 Platinum/ Normal Avatar: 5000 Love Points

Chapter 7: Clumsy Lovers

(1.) Why?
(2.) T... the same room!? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) That would really bother me.

7:5 Engagement Strength Trial

(1.) Not in the water. It's dangerous.
(2.) N…no.
(3.) That look on your face is unfair! (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

7:9 Premium Route: Special Scenario: Still (Affection +100)

7:10 Sakura [Extra 5] Lovers Hot Night (220 Platinum)

(1.) Did you really have no idea?
(2.) That was quite a shock.
(3.) Its not your fault, Sakura. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

Chapter 8: Promise

(1.) What are you doing here!?
(2.) I'm not dreaming, am I?
(3.) Are you really Sakura? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

8:4 Premium Route: (Affection +110)

8:5 Sakura [Extra 6] A Medicine with a Taste of Kiss (220 Platinum)(Click here!)

8: 7 Avatar Trials: Premium Avatar: 300 Platinum/ Normal Avatar: 6000 Love Points

(1.) The next date, huh...
(2.) You're right, I'll do that. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) I don't know if I'll ever calm down, but...

8:12 Extra Treasure Key

(1.) You have some idea, don't you?
(2.) You mean you don't know?
(3.) I... don't want to run away. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

Chapter 9: Just One Love

(1.) This is a joke, right?
(2.) I'm in love with someone else... (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(3.) I'm sorry...

9:4 Sakura [Extra 7] Pain of being in Love (220 Platinum)(Click here!)

(1.)  I don’t mind where I do it. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.)  You’re right, I’d love to.
(3.)  What about you, Mr.Tsuji?

(1.)  I think it’s a good idea, but… (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.)  I think it’s a good idea.
(3.)  Go for it, Sakura.

Chapter 10: What's Beyond Love

(1.)  Maybe I should wait outside the store. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.)  But, I’m curious…
(3.)  I’ll just listen in a little…

(1.)  I won’t run away. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.)  Please run away, Sakura.
(3.)  I can’t forget the dress.

10.9 Engagement Strength Trial

Premium Route: Special Scenario (Affection +145)

(1.)  Aren’t you uncomfortable?
(2.)  Its a little embarrassing.
(3.)  I don’t hate it. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

10.15 Sakura [Extra 8] Dream of a Kiss (180 Platinum)(Click here!)

Chapter 11: Best Wedding Ever

11.2 Extra Treasure Key

(1.)  Is now a good time?
(2.)  No, now is a bad time.
(3.)  Let’s focus on the show first. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)

(1.)  The prince has a great responsibility, huh? (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.)  Maybe you’re right.
(3.)  You can’t get married alone, can you?

(1.)  Yeah, let’s have fun. (+ Ryoichi's Affection went up)
(2.)  You’re nervous too?
(3.)  I’m fine because I’m with you.

11.14 Premium Route: Special Scenario: Still (Affection +165)

Propose End Requirements: (Affection points +200) & (Engagement Strength +2000)

All Sakura Extra Scenarios have been added!


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  5. Thank you very much! But how can we read everything in 2 weeks without needing to buy extra scenarios? O.o Is it ok to use the scenarios saved?

    1. Everything in 2 weeks correct. This is possible btw.
      You don't have to buy platinum as long as you don't miss a day in between. You could use the tickets in order to get a head start, so yes!

  6. I was wondering if you know how to get the route with keita because I'm only given the options of the other two.

    1. Hmm that is strange...
      Have you done either Sakura or Todo Route and finished it??
      If not...
      it might be that you have to do Sakura or Todo route first, before you can pick Keita's route.
      Then again I could be wrong.

  7. Keita is released maybe has to do Sakura or Todo first idk..i did Sakura first now on Keita. Tyvm for this walkthrough i messed up on my first run of Sakura i can make his prefect ♡ :-D

  8. Any platinum cheats?

  9. How did you know all about his affection points?! OAO

    1. Besides checking my affection meter before ad after every choice that i picked; I also bought using platinum or if you get it in the gacha. Where it shows you how much affection you have for the particular route that you want.

    2. Ehhh I actually did the checking my affection meter but I was just too impatient haha ^^; anyway thanks for replying! I'll try to follow what you're doing (●´ω`●)