Happy Thanksgiving!!

 Hi Everyone!! Thanks for taking your time and reading this post!! Before I move on; I will go off track for a bit. I have received a few, well more like several messages concerning raw Chinese manga. We don't really read manga, the only case when I do, it's because of my friends or work, and Chel reads even less manga than I do; but in the past both Chel and I did provide help in translating some Japanese manga, since it helped improve our language, we needed the help for school, best way, and most entertaining way manga. Either way, long story short, we will be posting a few web sites that might help you. Also, for searching chinese manga or japanese or korean, etc, many are having trouble searching for manga so here is a simple way, go to Baka-Updates Manga type the name of the manga you want in English, under the Assosiated name copy and paste the name of the manga in whatever language it is; paste the name in the web site that we will be providing you with. So that is one way of doing it, and avoiding language troubles. Hope this helps. Will later post the sites.
From your dear friend Aya,

Election Results US

Good morning everyone!!
Happy Belated Halloween and Saints Day!! Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been such a long time since Chel and I have actually updated our blog . We both have been pretty busy with school and work. Which by the way if anyone is working on their master's degree in music; best of luck; you will definitely need it, because it is torture!!! Good news is that I am almost done with  getting everything together and should and will receive my degree; by the end of the school year. Surprisingly! YAY! Though on the other hand I still have years to go thru when it comes to my Master's in Biology. UGH! Oh well, got to keep moving forward.

I am blabbering a whole lot lately, I probably even bored my dear readers.  

Anyway! Moving on!
So for US Citizens did you have the chance to vote? Or did you decide maybe not to this time? Well whatever the case. The results are in.
So I am sure everyone saw the news about Obama being re- elected as US President. Congrats for him. It was really tight competition though in my opinion the Latino/Hispanic vote did make a huge difference even if the electoral votes are the ones that make the final decision, I still believe the people still influence or at least on this election.