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So for US Citizens did you have the chance to vote? Or did you decide maybe not to this time? Well whatever the case. The results are in.
So I am sure everyone saw the news about Obama being re- elected as US President. Congrats for him. It was really tight competition though in my opinion the Latino/Hispanic vote did make a huge difference even if the electoral votes are the ones that make the final decision, I still believe the people still influence or at least on this election.

Here are a few things about the election, will be a quick a brief summary, will post the rest of the information on a page for those who acquire maybe some of the information on the 2012 election.

Though I am not going to go into to much on politics because we can all just go on rampage. Either way as a American citizen I just wish the best for the US and I hope whoever is President thinks about the people and the decisions that he makes.


Mr. Obama maintained his 2008 support among women.

All states

MaleRomney: 52%

FemaleObama: 55%

Race & Ethnicity

The white vote went to Mr. Romney, mostly by wide margins. But Hispanics and Asians moved toward Mr. Obama, continuing their consolidation as Democrats.

All states

WhiteRomney: 59%

BlackObama: 93%

HispanicObama: 71%

AsianObama: 73%


All states

No college degreeObama: 51%

Some collegeObama: 49%

CollegeRomney: 51%

Postgrad.Obama: 55%


Some of the president's firmest support came from low-income groups.

All states

Under $30,000Obama: 63%

$30,000 - $49,999Obama: 57%

$50,000 or moreRomney: 53%

$100,000 or moreRomney: 54%

Size of Place

Cities shifted only slightly to Mr. Romney, and continue to be the centerpiece of the Obama majority. The suburbs broke back to the Republican side, while towns and rural areas solidified as Republican strongholds, more polarized from urban dwellers than before.

All states

Big citiesObama: 69%

Mid-sized citiesObama: 58%

Small citiesRomney: 56%

SuburbsRomney: 50%

 Again this is just a summary. This is the web site if you would like to know more about it in detail, will post more information on a page which will be on your right side!! >>> 
Just in case you don't want to look thru all of the graphs and polls and readings on the web.

So take a quick look if you need to know more in detail or maybe for school work or just plain curiosity. ^u^

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