My Chemical Romance Split!

Hey everyone since we did a report on news it was rather boring to some of our viewers we all know that news, is not everyone's cup of tea but we have to get informed somehow right.

So with that in mind, our random topic of the day is "STUDENT LIFE".


Well maybe because most of us went back to school recently, or will be going back to school any time soon, and now we are trying to get back in work mode, but then again if you are reading this I highly doubt you are studying. Shame on you! ^^

Anyway just wanted to add a few pictures, they are quite hilarious, but can somehow be true, in real life situations which I guess is the whole reason why they are hilarious in the first place.

But before we get into that, for everyone else that was requesting Hetamen, Chapter 3-4, I have finally added it to our blog under pages, which should be on your right side or just click here. It is not the full chapter, only some pics, did not want to do all of it. Just some important pics, I have also added the link where you can also download the RAWS.


Weight Loss

Hello everyone it's Chel! 
♡→!How was Valentine's Day!? White Day? New Year, Christmas, or St. Patty's or whatever holiday passed!! Hope everyone is doing well, and had a wonderful holiday over the winter and Spring Break!! I bet everyone had to have eaten at least some delicious dish during the holidays. So your probably full of life or maybe a bit more than that. You might have also realized that your clothes are a bit to tight. So now your like; "(╯°□°)╯ shoot it's almost the end of the school year, FINALS!!, OMG! It's almost freakin summer too!! Σ(゚д゚lll)"
 >> Everyone tries to look their best during summer especially if you are going to wear a bathing suit, though you also need to look at it, as a new start and a new you, trying to be a healthier person, not just to look good.