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Good Morning/Evening or from wherever you are reading this from, we are finally updating the blog. Thank you for the nice comments and messges and thank you for taking the time and visiting our blog! Ciao!! - Aya


Ever wanted to eat a Pikachu??

How to make your own Pikachu Burgers!


PC 10

We recently paid a visit to the Pikachu Café in Roppongi, where we dined on, among other dishes, a hamburger shaped like the electrically charged Pokémon mascot. But while we found ourselves craving seconds, we weren’t sure we felt like waiting in the restaurant’s long line again.

So instead, we decided to make our own Pikachu Burger by reverse engineering and remixing what we ate in Roppongi, and today we’re sharing our recipe with you. So join us after the break for this easy recipe and a step-by-step guide to building your own pika-tastic burgers!

PB 38


Not so fun in the sun – Cases of heatstroke hit a year-high last week in Japan

The Rainy Season is over...

By: Krista Rogers 

Not so fun in the sun – Cases of heatstroke hit a year-high last week in Japan

The end of July has brought soaring temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) to certain parts of Japan. As we saw this past weekend, the oppressive heat was even enough to make Tokyo Disneyland look almost deserted, an unheard-of feat.
While your first temptation may be to cool off at the beach, remember to take precautionary safety measures anytime you’re under the sun–last week also saw the highest number of cases of heatstroke in Japan this year-to-date.  


What is your kissing style?!

If you have not noticed, I love reading horoscopes for fun. It helps bring up a topic and to socialize a bit, so I came by an article that explains how you kiss... thought it was fun and interesting... Enjoy!


If Lugar Extra Scenarios!

Good evening everyone!!!
We have had quite a few fan girls request on where the vids are. LOL! Turns out, some are still being edited, why is it taking so long? I have no clue. Either way; we were going to wait till all of them were edited, but we just decided to just add the one that are done. So sorry for the long wait. Also for Sakura, all extra scenes have been added, that will be on a total different page


If Lugar Extra Scenes


**Not really: Huge Spoilers (maybe...)**


Fifty Shades of Grey... Disappointed

Good evening!! Before I go on rambling on the movie...

Not crazy about who they picked; so the movie better make up for it...but still excited about it! Another ladies night girls! Maybe we should leave mom at home on this...
Bomer could have probably brought in much needed personality to Grey’s character, to bad his not the one in the MOVIE!!!.
They could have also have picked SCOTT EASTWOOD!!

This will be 'officially' my last post till mid September (unless, my boss gives me at least a day off). The good news is Mami will be taking over all the walkthroughs, which Chel and I are really HAPPY and grateful for!!

Remember if you would like to help out, you can always sends us a msg, either thru:
  • contact form
  • comments
  • by email: talk.bout.random@outlook.jp

Now for the extra scene videos:

They are now being added and edited will take some time since it's quite a few of them. You should be able to see it by, Saturday night around 23:00 (11pm). So depends where you are at.
  • Sakura ALL Extra Scene's will be added since I finished the route already.
  • Lugar: Extra Scene's will be added.
  • Feel like I'm missing someone...
  • Todo extra scene's will be after we are done with Sakura, since the one that does the videos also picked Sakura so yeah.... But will add them all in due time.

Now for...

Fifty Shades of Grey


Kissed by the Baddesst Bidder Sequel Epilougue TBA

I for one, am a huge fan of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder!!
Especially OTA!!! Absolutely adore him!!
So i decided to make a post of the upcoming routes that will be available soon.
Especially if you want to save up some $$$$$, it can get pretty pricey, after a while. Even though I complain I still go buy the darn HOT routes!! There is a benefit in buying the routes, it has helped me read English, no jk!!

With that in mind....


New Author Mami!!

Hello everyone,

My name is Mami, I am officially the new author for the blog; have been updating and editing a few walkthrough's up until now; learning about the blog as I go along, (so bear with me), will now officially be updating and posting crazy stuff! Aya and Chel have tried really hard to keep the walkthrough's and post the extra scene video's; even though they said they were going to take a small break from the blog, now that I'm here they will take the opportunity to catch up w/ school work and office work. They have Summer midterms, and deadlines for work!! FIGHT!
(architect engineering and audio engineer/landlord seems so complicated, how do they look so young!! How does Aya have a Master's, and working now on her MBA!! *0_0*, yet I still have not graduated... yet we are the same age... I need to work hard!! Or marry a rich GUY!! Whichever comes first!!)

Here is my mini autobio.
Age: 22
Occupation: Uni. Student
Location: Shibuya
Hobbies: Love to shop!!! Love Green Tea Latte's!! Love my Car! Love Otome games!
Blood Type: O
Dislike: Quiet rooms: I get anxious!
Speak: Japanese, Korean, English (sometimes have to use a dictionary)

So if you have any questions, leave a comment or send us a msg.  
Which btw, Aya said she would be able to reply, since it goes directly to her email.

So please to meet you everyone!! Wish me Luck, and I will do my best!!

Blog's Music Playlist

What Song is that?!?!

Taking a walk in the country side, while waiting to finish up a commercial... it was very romantic... too bad had I had to leave the next day to go back to work.

Super HAPPY, in receiving many positive comments and msg's on the blog's music playlist, but have received quite a few wondering what is the title to a specific song??


The Cinderella Contract: Lugar Walkthrough!

Why have I not updates Turkiye's or Ingray's Route...
Honestly...On Ingray's route, actually had it finished but did not save it, so it was erased... Yeah... So have to figure out the answers on that... As for Asena, already finished it... but have not had time to update.... Since concentrating on Lugar!!!

Between Yelisei, Maynard, Isuka, and Lugar: I love Lugar And Isuka, they are both my fav!! After is Maynard then Yelisei...

My Sweet Proposal! Limited Time Only!

Platina Pack!:

For a limited time only, you can receive 10 Story tickets, and standing mirror!!
If you don't know how where to get it. Keep on reading!

1 Step: Click on Destiny's Love Support Sales Package


My Sweer Proposal: Todo Walkthrough

 Todo Masaya Walkthrough

(◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゚✲ฺ My Invitation Code: KfC8Rr✲゚ฺ*:₀  

Good evening! I will be working on Todo's walkthrough! 
Answers might not be correct... but so far I have met the requirements!
-- If you don't meet the requirements use the WEDDING ROOM GACHA!! --
In order to obtain the treasure key, you must play the same route ALL OVER AGAIN, you will receive the key after you finish the route!! In a time period of 2 weeks!!
Aya will be in charge of Sakura.
Also these are only the answer that I have picked, so far the bar has been moving, so I assume, I am getting the necessary pts, if you answer differently, please do let me know. So I can update the walkthrough!
Wanted to pick the ex, but still not available yet.

My Sweet Proposal: Sakura Walkthrough

Will start with Sakura...

(◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゚✲ฺ My Invitation Code: KfC8Rr✲゚ฺ*:₀  

Questions on how to obtain the KEY!!!
Apparently you will receive the key after playing and passing the route. This applies to all routes!
So you have to play this route again after you finish it, why!? Because to be able to view the scene you will only have 2 weeks!! The game will later explain to you in further detail!!

All Sakura Extra Scenarios have been added!