It's finally Autumn!

>>> Autumn is Here!! <<<
Hello Everyone,

So it has literally been a long time since I have updated anything at all. Which I do apologize for. It has been a bit overwhelming due to work and health issues, but our group has managed to survive somehow.

Moving on to a different topic, 
Finally updated the music playlist, honestly it was getting kinda old playing the same music over and over again. So do let me know what you think, some of you might recognize the music! Just a heads up, the music is a bit calming maybe even emotional to some of you, but toward the end of the playlist is sort of gothic and dark, since it's almost Halloween! 

Hope you enjoy the music, will be updating a bit more slowly but surely!


Attention to all Voltage fans!
We've got the sexiest men from this year's top apps teaming up for the ultimate IKEMEN team!
Check out both Star-Crossed Myth and Scandal in the Spotlight for more details!
Haha the Revance guys intrude the god's house like a BOSS!

2015 General Election prizes are FINALLY OUT!!!!!

Dangerously in Love: Voltage's Most Wanted: Prizes
Comic Strip for the Winner of Each Category.
If you voted for one of the guy's then you have it too! BTW Eisuke's video is really something.
Let me know if the pics are too small to read!

Metro:PD- Free Pic

I'm not sure how long this image has been free to the users of MPD... Maybe I'm just slow and never realized it was there. Either way love it, especially since it has Nomura and Kirisawa!!!!

Voltage General Election Gift- Out!

Here is the free pic that everyone who participated received in the General Election. A bit disappointed since it's only this! Nothing new really was expecting more I guess. (Money wasted....)

Still I guess it's better than nothing!


Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Steamy Summer Campaign!!!

Summer is officially here! Which also means SUMMER SALES!! 
♧ KBTBB: Steamy Summer Campaign 

  Purchase BOTH: "Behind the Looking Glass" and "Eisuke Twist of Fate His PoV" 
By 11: 59 PM July 31 
And you'll receive a Special Summer Chibi Image of the Guys.

This Campaign is only going on for a limited time!
※※ Please note that if you delete and reinstall the app between purchasing the stories you must use the Transfer ID code available in the settings to be eligible for this Campaign. ※※

Special image will be distributed to eligible users in August.

Coming Soon:
Who is Voltage's Most Wanted?

There are 24 usable hours in every day, and endless possibilities...

♧ *Kissed by the Baddest Bidder* 
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Voltage's Most Wanted!

 Voltage's 1st ever General Election will start soon!
Vote for your favorite character and see who wins the title for Voltage's MOST WANTED for 2015.

Characters are all grouped into 5 different categories.

Here is some info you need to know in order to vote!

We Apologize for the lateness!

Hope you are all having a great summer, remember to stay hydrated!

Anyway here are SOME news you should know if you are a huge fan of Voltage Inc. games. A lot of updates and a ton of money I have been wasting this Summer. Remember to be careful how you spend your money!

Good news for Revance fans! Ryo's route will almost come out!

Revance: Ryo's route Coming Soon! 


Sorry for the Lateness!

Hello everyone!

Hope you are having a great week, and are not troubled by the crazy weather.

Anyway, right to the point we are finally able to update all of our walkthrough's we were not able for the longest time, since we were literally blocked! Apparently someone reported we had adult content, which of course we did not. So that problem was solved, afterwards finals and vacation got in the way. So we are back we apologize for the inconvenience.

~ Aya


My Ideal Weight

Hello everyone!

Today's topic is my adventure in getting my 'Ideal Weight' back.

 A have received a few emails asking me on my adventure in loosing weight and secret tips.

Honestly no huge secret really, I did not change my diet at all, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want but, I simply exercised more.
My Personal Ideal Weight: 110-114lbs (nothing lower).