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❄Eisuke Special Voiced Story: Becoming His!!❄

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Eisuke Special Voiced Story: Becoming His!!: Disappointed!!!

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❄❄ Welcome to the Bidder Wonderland! ❄❄

Though the weather outside is frightful, in here it's delightful!

❄Eisuke Special Voiced Story: Becoming His!!
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❄Baba Season 2 Living Together Epilogue
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❄Ota Season 2 Living Together Epilogue
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My thoughts.... ENGLISH?!? Really?! And worst, he sounds like an old man speaking!!! Awful and Hilarious!!! All at the same time! Chikage with a Japanese voice was awesome, but poor Eisuke. They better not do this to SORYU!!! Or at least pick someone who has an awesome voice for Soryu please!!
VOLTAGE: How could you make such a terrible choice like this one?!
Voltage we still love you and support you. Just don't do the same mistake twice! It's not necessarily bad, we were just really expecting something awesome that matches Eisuke at least. I know you are trying to please us English speakers, but we don't mind it being in Japanese with subtitles. I believe we are all willing to pay a little more for it like we did with Chikage's voice story. 
Oh well... in the end there was really no need to make it in English when most of us love the Japanese voice actors At least, i think that most of us do. I just think the English actors are a bit awkward at this kind of voice acting but that's just me. The story is awesome just the voice... ruined my view of Eisuke... I just hope if they try this again... they find someone that fits the character. 
So is it worth it... story wise yes, voice no, but for all the curious people go ahead. Not a huge fan of Eisuke... so not that disappointed... now if it was SORYU... I would cry and go on a rampage!!!


How Japanese students act...

Ever wondered what it's like being a teacher in Japan? 

This video might help you answer those questions.

I personally have gone to a Japanese school, from 5th grade till 9th grade. Have to admit this video is SO TRUE!!
Years later...
After moving back to Japan for work and studying in TODAI; I was part time tutor for a music class... have to admit after so many years students still act the same.
Especially girls trying to be KAWAII! LOL!
Acting cute will not get you extra credit kids!
This video really brought back good memories and annoying memories!!


A Girl with too many Guy friends...

Recently received several emails asking me random questions!

"Why do you only have 'guy friends'?"
"Do you have 'girl friends' or 'guy friends'?"
Not sure why I was asked these questions... still wondering... but anyway here's my answer; simply because I get along with the guys, I was surrounded by boys since I was a baby, there was no girls; well except 2 female cousins and 16 guy cousins.
Plus girls don't seem to like me much; even family wise... I always manage to get on their bad side, even before I speak to them. But whatever I just brush it off and move on.
I do have few close girl friends by my side and my awesome group of buddies who are always there. So I do have friends on both sides just more on the guys side.

If this does not really answer your question this video will!


Extra Scenarios Added!

Hope Everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
I am currently on a diet... Have to lose 5kg or around 11lbs for a huge job. Gained too much weight while I was sick... Though have to admit doing it so I can wear my clothes again. With the help of my bf, have to wake up at 4:45am to go for a morning run! Will start on Sunday morning!!
Wish me luck since the Holiday seasons= FOOD!! 
Currently weight= 56.69kg (125lbs)
Goal = 51kg (112lbs)

If anyone is on a diet this holiday season, work hard everyone! Cause it's hard! Be healthy!


Hiroki Kisumi Walkthrough

The Idol Dormitory: Kisumi Walkthrough

My Invitation Code: DmY6fF

The Idol Dormitory

My Invitation Code: DmY6fF

The Secret Idol Dormitory

"Now you should realize that you can't run away from me."
The company you were working for suddenly went bankrupt!
You've lost job and being in a difficult situation.. The one who appears in front of you was the popular idol star you have always seen from TV!


President Obama Finally Does something...!?

President Obama went up against Congress... HUGE DEAL GUYS!! 

He did what he promised when he became president... somewhat. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry but you need to study Government, Politics and History. We cannot be naive about the world people!

Do you think it was a risky move? Was it just to have more support on the Democratic side? Was it because no one believed Obama anymore? YES OR NO? Comment below.

President Obama told Americans that deporting millions is “not who we are” and cited Scripture, saying, “We shall not oppress a stranger for we know the heart of a stranger — we were strangers once, too.”
“The actions I’m taking are not only lawful, they’re the kinds of actions taken by every single Republican president and every Democratic president for the past half-century,” Mr. Obama said. “To those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill.”

Her Force in Love... Now Available!

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Running out of money and going broke!!! Voltage addiction!!!- Aya

"Her Love in the Force" is finally available in both the iTunes Store and Google Play Store!
Welcome to the Public Safety Police Academy!
What do you expect to get from your instructors?
Private lessons... Interrogations... Physical training...!?

Oh, and by the way! Do NOT expect to find a girls' locker room in the all-male Police Academy!

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