The Royal Tutor (Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine)

The Royal Tutor: Spoiler Alert!!

A few of my friends were dying to know who is the first prince? So decided to make a post about it. There are a few errors here and there, but a picture is self explanatory. 
Please support the author by purchasing the manga!

Who is the first prince? 
Is he one the one that appears in the OP/ED?


Mystic Messenger: Common Route Skip Feature

[MM] 1.7.3 Update

In the new MM update, you will now be able to skip Common Route and go directly to a characters route, you will only have to pay 100 hourglass.



Mystic Messenger: Free Talk



So there you have it! Jumin himself has announced to all Mystic Messenger fans, 'Jumin is not gay'. Which means, I still have a chance, and will secretly ship him with Zen. XD


Mystic Messenger: April Fools DLC

Mystic Messenger April Fools Special is OUT!

To sum it up in a few words:
MM: April Fools is CRAZY, with many dimensions!! Like Alice in Wonderland.

Will be posting random pics in each link to give you a glimpse for each route and what you are up against. 
Please be aware of spoilers, so if you don't want to learn in detail than I highly recommend not clinking any of the links. 

Here is some important information about the game!
One if you ignore Zen and not go along with the prank, you get normal end. If you go along with the prank and support Zen you get good end.  That's my super short version of how to get a specific ending. XD


Cybird Ikémen Series‏: Love, Lies, & A Heist
Otome Romance Novels: 
Love, Lies & a Heist is now up on Otome Romance Novels! 
Check it out! 

Highly recommend playing the game it's totally worth it! 
It is a bit pricey but totally worth it! 
Playing the Main Route might take you approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete. (I read pretty fast so it took quite a while to complete, only sad part was no BG music and only one CG. MC also can be an idiot, but whatever the story is still awesome!!

So here is a preview of what you can expect from the game!


Mystic Messenger: Valentine Special

Yes!! It's finally here!! MM Valentine Special!
Price: 20 Hourglass!! Pretty good price if I do say so myself!
20 * 5 = 100 Hourglass total price for all 5 characters!!

Now is it worth it? Yes, yes it is!! What kind of question is that! Of course be aware if you have not finished the endings for each of the main characters route their might be a few spoilers so you have been warned. Then again can you play the valentine's special if you have not finished the characters main story? Not sure... so if anyone has the answer for that, please let me know!
Anyway I have posted a link for each character, which will have a small preview.  BTW, 707 has two ending bitter and sweet, everyone else has only one ending. Hope you enjoy!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Remember to keep on supporting Cheritz!


Otome Romance Novels: Destined to Love

If you are like me, who stopped playing OKKO, CYBIRD, Arithmetic, Inc. games, since you got tired of only 5 free tickets each day, and earning points to continue to read the story, or you had to purchase so much stuff just to finish the game. Which btw, the story was worth it! Though it's sad we sometimes can't replay the route also, by the end of the game you might have already wasted more than $50, at least I did! Which is why you might have noticed I have not posted any walkthrough's anymore. Instead I prefer games where I can purchase the whole route, like Voltage games for example. Anyway, seems CYBIRD heard the fans prayers of coming up with a game where we can purchase the routes!! YAY!!
Here is the Introduction for that app! (BTW, you might notice it's the same game as the free version.)

Do you love dating simulation games? Look no further than here!
Get your own romance novel library at the tip of your fingers through CYBIRD's Otome Romance Novels app!

Featuring some of the best stories from our Ikemen Series games, you'll be sure to find the man of your dreams here.
New series and stories will be added regularly, so don't miss out!


Comments and Questions

Update: I have answered all questions and comments... I think? Or at least the most recent ones from December onward. Since most of the old comments were already answered by other awesome Mystic Messenger FANS, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for helping out other fans, while I am away.

Secondly I will be posting Jumin Xmas ending. Since many of you have been stalking me online to add it LOL! Though just remember I will only add Jumin's ending, not the whole route, it takes too long and I don't wish to get banned. The rest of the characters endings... will eventually be added, but I do believe most of the Xmas special have already been posted online. If not... well just write a comment to let me know what ending you would like to see/read. Keep in mind, ending does have spoilers for the main route, so read with caution.

If you need help earning Hourglass visit here:
Mystic Messenger: Free Hourglass

If you need help on how to trade Hearts to Hourglass visit here:
Mystic Messenger: Hearts

If you need help in figuring what ending did you get in Mystic Messenger, or need to help restarting the game, also how do you pay for Deep Story then visit here:
Mystic Messenger: Last Minute Questions


Music Playlist

Music playlist has been updated; let me know what you think?
If you have any suggestions do let me know, will gladly add it to the playlist. Remember you can always skip a song, pause it, or lower/raise the volume. Whatever you want.
For some reason the old playlist is not working.... or at least not for me, so had to remove it, instead added Sound Cloud. The player is a bit annoying but still better than nothing. Remember you can scroll through the music playlist to play a different song. Till I fix the old player... which will not happen anytime soon since technology just frustrates me. q(>-<)p
Hope you enjoy the music just as much as I do.



Cheritz: Closed For Lunar New Year

Greetings everyone! So I am finally back again!

Sorry for the delay, had a few personal problems which needed my attention, which made my work schedule crazy! Finally will have time to reply to everyone's questions or comments, and also update the blog! Looking forward to this New Year!

If you have sent a report to Cheritz or are experiencing any problems in Mystic Messenger, you will not get a reply till February 1. Have patience and be polite!

From Cheritz:

"[MM] New year greetings from RFA members. Happy new year! Due to Lunar New Year in Korea, inquiries submitted during 27~30th of January may be delayed in response. We apologize for the inconvenience, we will do our best to answer your inquiries as soon as possible. Happy New Year"


Mystic Messenger: Cheritz Notice [FAQ]

This might help in answering any questions you might have on Mystic Messenger...

Also please refer to this post for further information on where to file a report to Cheritz.
Please do keep in mind if you have emailed Cheritz do not file a report or vice versa, in short don't email and report all at the same time, just once is enough.

Mystic Messenger: LIFTING A BAN?!

If you are having trouble with Mystic Messenger or you were banned from the game unjustly, you will be able to play the game again FRIDAY!!

Read the information below!!


Mystic Messenger: Funny Video

If you are reading my blog it's either for one of these three reasons.
  1. Internet sent you here... must be fate XD
  2. Need help with something... WHAT???
  3. Mystic Messenger FANS!! 
 But for whatever reason it is, if you are a MM fan you MUST watch this video!!! I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt so bad, I felt like i couldn't breathe LOL! Looked liked an idiot in the middle of the countryside with my family looking at me and judging me! Also if you have no idea what MM is about, this video summarizes somewhat the main points of the game in a hilarious way! 
(Also totally understand that this might not be funny or interesting to everyone!)

Moving on!!! (btw you can always pause/mute the music)

From: 707

Love the last part though LOL! MC and Jumin it's so True!!!! 
Also poor V, but was laughing so hard! I mean even though he can't see, man the guy sure knows how to be fashionable, his hair is always perfect! BTW, yeap, I didn't have anything better to do! 

The patience and creativity to do all this, AMAZING!! 
Please remember to send them a thank you!! 

Mystic Messenger: Various Artist

Such talent!!! Love it! (Yes I love Jumin and V!)
Do let me know if the links are not working!



Mystic Messenger: Enforcing the Rules

An new update has been recently released!!
1.4.2v Now Available!

Due to game abuse, Cheritz will now be enforcing the rules and if anyone breaks the rules they will be permanently banned from the game!!

Personally, I am guessing for anyone who has used the cheating method of setting up your time back a few hours to open up old chats that were locked, instead of paying 5 hourglass, you are at the risk of getting banned from the game FOREVER! This also applies if you are "farming/growing hourglass" by continuously repeating a specific day/chat. Or using software in order to hack the game, If you are cheating or finding loopholes in the game; STOP what you are doing, especially if you have recently updated to the latest version, and play fairly! I highly doubt you want to run the risk of getting banned 'PERMANENTLY' especially if you paid a ton of money or are a VIP member. By no means this announcement is an exaggeration. Cheritz is very good in fixing our problems fast and efficiently, so I am sure it's easy for them to ban accounts as well. This is just a warning from me to you, if you don't follow the rules then you must pay the consequences. You have been warned.
If you are now asking, 'how do I get hourglass for free because for whatever reason I can't pay..."
Please click the link below.
Deep Story is not FREE!



Mystic Messenger: Who willl you choose??

Hey everyone!
Recently it has been quite popular on who will Marry, Date and Kill?

but now there's a twist...!!

Who will you Marry, Who will become your Lover, Who will you Date, and lastly Kill?

Please don't make this into such big deal, especially on the killing part, just a simple game!


Cheritz will be Closed for the Holidays!

If by any chance you are experiencing any technical difficulties or can't play Mystic Messenger, but you emailed Cheritz... yet no reply! Do not Worry, Cheritz will be Having thanksgiving break! So do not freak out!

Also V might get a route!!!