Voltage Inc. March Releases!

Bad news is Midterms is just around the corner!! 
Good News is Spring Break is just around the corner too! 
Which means I will be running low on money again since a lot of stories are released during that time! 
Really looking forward to Shuichi's Route in KBTBB!! 
So if you are a Voltage fan, you should definitely keep reading this post. 
Also if you purchase a lot of games from Voltage, then I highly recommend you downloading Sweet Cafe. If you don't you can still download the game since there are 9 free mini stories, plus if you play the game from Sweet Cafe, you have the chance of winning free mini stories and pics. More info in the end of this post!



Happy Belated New Year!!

Hello everyone!!!
First of all; Happy belated New Year! It is finally 2015 and it's almost February!! Time goes by so fast. Anyway the team and I have not had the chance to update the blog due to.... either college, work, traveling, or just LIFE! But slowly but surely we will be adding a few things here and there. Very SLOWLY! Moving on...

About the videos... I LOST MY PHONE!! Which means I have to re-buy the routes and restart them literally all over again. UGH!!!!! BUT... I finally found my little code in case you need to reinstall again but only for 3 games; the other ones have to start from scratch. So it's going to take me a while to fix and understand my phone. So please be patient with me. If you want a specific extra scene comment below. Though I did manage to update the music, remove all the Christmas songs and add some romance, emotional music, including TITANIC. Which I recently seen. Anyway hope you enjoy the music, remember you can always change the music or lower the volume, or stop the music on the bottom of your screen. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to hear or what songs you dislike leave a comment! All opinions are welcomed.

Also highly recommend KBTBB, Sub Stories His Heart and His Weakness!!! They are awesome adorable and steamy stories!!! LOVE SORYU!!Though was sad that there was no Ota Sub story.


Voltage Coming Soon Routes!

 Happy New Year!
"A huge thank you to all of you, our fans, for playing Voltage's games and loving Voltage characters!
We've got a LOT of exciting things in store for you in 2015 so keep your eyes peeled!
What do you say we welcome in the new year with a whole flock of sexy men to ogle at?
Hm... What do you call a group of sexy men?
Let's call it a Voltage of sexy men.
Look! It's the character ranking! We've got a Voltage of sexy men!
Check out the year's very first character ranking!!"- Voltage Staff
Anyone notice 'Character' is missing an 'H', totally irrelevant but just needed to point that out!


❄Eisuke Special Voiced Story: Becoming His!!❄

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

❄❄ Welcome to the Bidder Wonderland! ❄❄


Eisuke Special Voiced Story: Becoming His!!: Disappointed!!!

Photo: ♦ ♠ Kissed by the Baddest Bidder ♥ ♣

❄❄ Welcome to the Bidder Wonderland! ❄❄

Though the weather outside is frightful, in here it's delightful!

❄Eisuke Special Voiced Story: Becoming His!!
Go back to the beginning of your romance and fall in love all over again!!

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❄Eisuke Season 2 Living Together Epilogue
❄Soryu Season 2 Living Together Story
❄Soryu Season 2 Living Together Epilogue
❄Baba Season 2 Living Together Story
❄Baba Season 2 Living Together Epilogue
❄Ota Season 2 Living Together Story
❄Ota Season 2 Living Together Epilogue
❄Mamoru Season 2 Living Together Story
❄Mamoru Season 2 Living Together Epilogue

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All season 1 sequels are now on sale for a limited time!

❄Coming Soon!❄
We aren't done yet!
Eisuke and Soryu and Baba and Ota and Mamoru, ohmy!

Is that it...?
No!  More exciting announcements are coming very soon!  


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#OMGEisukesvoicegivesmetheshivers #EnglishappexclusivestuffisonitswaySOON #Ilovedecemberdontyou #kissedbythebaddestbidder 

My thoughts.... ENGLISH?!? Really?! And worst, he sounds like an old man speaking!!! Awful and Hilarious!!! All at the same time! Chikage with a Japanese voice was awesome, but poor Eisuke. They better not do this to SORYU!!! Or at least pick someone who has an awesome voice for Soryu please!!
VOLTAGE: How could you make such a terrible choice like this one?!
Voltage we still love you and support you. Just don't do the same mistake twice! It's not necessarily bad, we were just really expecting something awesome that matches Eisuke at least. I know you are trying to please us English speakers, but we don't mind it being in Japanese with subtitles. I believe we are all willing to pay a little more for it like we did with Chikage's voice story. 
Oh well... in the end there was really no need to make it in English when most of us love the Japanese voice actors At least, i think that most of us do. I just think the English actors are a bit awkward at this kind of voice acting but that's just me. The story is awesome just the voice... ruined my view of Eisuke... I just hope if they try this again... they find someone that fits the character. 
So is it worth it... story wise yes, voice no, but for all the curious people go ahead. Not a huge fan of Eisuke... so not that disappointed... now if it was SORYU... I would cry and go on a rampage!!!


How Japanese students act...

Ever wondered what it's like being a teacher in Japan? 

This video might help you answer those questions.

I personally have gone to a Japanese school, from 5th grade till 9th grade. Have to admit this video is SO TRUE!!
Years later...
After moving back to Japan for work and studying in TODAI; I was part time tutor for a music class... have to admit after so many years students still act the same.
Especially girls trying to be KAWAII! LOL!
Acting cute will not get you extra credit kids!
This video really brought back good memories and annoying memories!!


A Girl with too many Guy friends...

Recently received several emails asking me random questions!

"Why do you only have 'guy friends'?"
"Do you have 'girl friends' or 'guy friends'?"
Not sure why I was asked these questions... still wondering... but anyway here's my answer; simply because I get along with the guys, I was surrounded by boys since I was a baby, there was no girls; well except 2 female cousins and 16 guy cousins.
Plus girls don't seem to like me much; even family wise... I always manage to get on their bad side, even before I speak to them. But whatever I just brush it off and move on.
I do have few close girl friends by my side and my awesome group of buddies who are always there. So I do have friends on both sides just more on the guys side.

If this does not really answer your question this video will!


Extra Scenarios Added!

Hope Everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
I am currently on a diet... Have to lose 5kg or around 11lbs for a huge job. Gained too much weight while I was sick... Though have to admit doing it so I can wear my clothes again. With the help of my bf, have to wake up at 4:45am to go for a morning run! Will start on Sunday morning!!
Wish me luck since the Holiday seasons= FOOD!! 
Currently weight= 56.69kg (125lbs)
Goal = 51kg (112lbs)

If anyone is on a diet this holiday season, work hard everyone! Cause it's hard! Be healthy!