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Summer is officially here! Which also means SUMMER SALES!! 
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  Purchase BOTH: "Behind the Looking Glass" and "Eisuke Twist of Fate His PoV" 
By 11: 59 PM July 31 
And you'll receive a Special Summer Chibi Image of the Guys.

This Campaign is only going on for a limited time!
※※ Please note that if you delete and reinstall the app between purchasing the stories you must use the Transfer ID code available in the settings to be eligible for this Campaign. ※※

Special image will be distributed to eligible users in August.

Coming Soon:
Who is Voltage's Most Wanted?

There are 24 usable hours in every day, and endless possibilities...

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Voltage's Most Wanted!

 Voltage's 1st ever General Election will start soon!
Vote for your favorite character and see who wins the title for Voltage's MOST WANTED for 2015.

Characters are all grouped into 5 different categories.

Here is some info you need to know in order to vote!

We Apologize for the lateness!

Hope you are all having a great summer, remember to stay hydrated!

Anyway here are SOME news you should know if you are a huge fan of Voltage Inc. games. A lot of updates and a ton of money I have been wasting this Summer. Remember to be careful how you spend your money!

Good news for Revance fans! Ryo's route will almost come out!

Revance: Ryo's route Coming Soon! 


Sorry for the Lateness!

Hello everyone!

Hope you are having a great week, and are not troubled by the crazy weather.

Anyway, right to the point we are finally able to update all of our walkthrough's we were not able for the longest time, since we were literally blocked! Apparently someone reported we had adult content, which of course we did not. So that problem was solved, afterwards finals and vacation got in the way. So we are back we apologize for the inconvenience.

~ Aya


My Ideal Weight

Hello everyone!

Today's topic is my adventure in getting my 'Ideal Weight' back.

 A have received a few emails asking me on my adventure in loosing weight and secret tips.

Honestly no huge secret really, I did not change my diet at all, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want but, I simply exercised more.
My Personal Ideal Weight: 110-114lbs (nothing lower).


Sweet Scandal Returns: Amasawa Walkthrough

Sweet Scandal Returns:
Amasawa Kaito Walkthrough

Sweet Scandal Returns: Suwa Walkthrough

Sweet Scandal Returns!! 
Invitation Code: dwALiq
Available Routes: Suwa, Misato, Amasawa
Extra Scene Now Available
This is not the FINAL walkthrough, so it might not be the correct answers, if you need affection points, use the gacha, to increase your affection points!

Shinobu Suwa Walkthrough


Now Available: Sweet Scandal Returns!

Sweet Scandal Returns is Now Available! 
Honestly I am not a huge fan of the new version, they should of just updated the old version. But I guess they wanted us to pay more money, by adding the dumb trial missions. That is the only thing that makes me angry the pointless avatar and love trials. But whatever, either way downloaded the game. Only for SHII.
Story is interesting so far, for Suwa at least.
Extra Scenes: will not be available in public!! Due to some problems that I have received. So to avoid the chaos and pain, will switch them to unlisted, hopefully it will help, lessen the problem. All links will be posted on the walkthrough when available. Sorry for the inconvenience!
 Invitation Code: dwALiq


Seo Walkthrough

My Sweet Proposal: Seo Eishi Walktrough

Sorry for the lateness, never even realized I never actually posted the walkthrough, only had it saved. Whoops! Seo Eishi extra scenes Now Available! From all of the guy's he is my favorite!!

 Invitation Code: KfC8Rr


Cinderella Contract Walkthrough

The Cinderella Contract - screenshot

The Cinderella Contract Walkthrough: The Royal Wedding

>>>> Invitation Code: CudwzG <<<<

A few people have been asking me for the walkthroughs for 'Cinderella Contract'; apparently a few people are not able to view the walkthroughs. Not sure why though? Still trying to figure that out. So instead just follow the link below which will lead you to the list of all the walkthroughs for the main and sequel. 

If you have any questions, or if you see any errors, do let us know by sending us a msg or adding a comment. 

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