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How to survive a Horror movie!

Hello everyone! 

Super Random Topic: How To Survive A HORROR Movie?

Now if you are all wondering, 
"Aya, Why are you making such a STUPID post, your just wasting time, instead of uploading all the extra videos you promised?!!"

Well you might be right but the videos will be available till later on! No promises. 

Anyway... Lastly, if you are asking yourself, 
"Why do I need to read this post, If I'm never going to be in a horror movie, plus if I am, I have to do what the script say's, so why make a post???"


Very good question! ... Moving on!


6-year-old boy vowed to marry his childhood sweetheart, really marries her 18 years later.

A Truly Romantic Fairytale!

Now we might have all read romance novels, shoujo or josei manga? 
Or maybe a romantic movie or TV show.... but on this case... this rarely happens in real life! 

Too bad my childhood sweetheart is already married.... when we actually did meet he didn't even know who I was... how SAD!! - Mami 


Did you have a childhood sweetheart? In many cases, a childhood sweetheart tends to be a neighbor or schoolmate whom we spend many hours of our glorious juvenile years playing with and, more often than not, drifting apart as we grow up and life takes us to different places.

However, fate is a mysterious thing. If you’re destined for each other, fate will lead you back to each other, even after spending 18 YEARS APART, like this pair of lovebirds!


It's Our Secret- Edward's NEW Second Story Walkthrough!!

You might have noticed or maybe not...

Another story has been added to "It's Our Secret". 

What happens when two handsome men show up in Italy??... Lucky MC!!!


New Team Member!!!

New author Miss Emily!!

We have a new member in our team, she will be helping us update walkthrough's!! Which is good since school either has started or is about to start, and work becomes a bit chaotic during the fall, at least for me, that is. But we will be able to still help out with our new team player! Please be nice everyone!! 
Remember you can always send us a msg.

10 Days with My Devil  

'5 Days a Human' Feat. Haruito and Satoru Sub-story Out Now!

What happens when these guys are unable to use their powers for 5 days? If they use their powers at any point they fail their training…can you keep yourself from activating them??

Metro PD: Asano's Sequel

 Asano’s Sequel is now available!

Photo: Metro PD: Close to You -OUT NOW-

Asano’s Sequel is now available!

You and Asano got a day off!
You two are going on an overnight trip, but you find yourselves in trouble!? Are your plans to spend a romantic time with Asano ruined?

☆Opening Movie☆

✩Metro PD: Close to You @ App Store✩

✩Metro PD: Close to You @ Google play✩


Metro PD: Close to You -OUT NOW-

You and Asano got a day off!

You two are going on an overnight trip, but you find yourselves in trouble!? Are your plans to spend a romantic time with Asano ruined?

 Rossiyskaya Extra Scenes: Available First week of September

Also for everyone who is a fan of Yuri and Yelisei from Cinderella Contract; Miss Aya will be adding the extra scenes from Season 1! Since many of you were not able to find them on YouTube. So she will be adding the videos hopefully by next Monday, or whenever September starts!


First Love Diaries: A Kiss on the Beach


 ♡♡♡First Love Diaries - A Kiss on the Beach♡♡♡

Nao and Yuya's Sequels are Coming Soon!

You're about to celebrate your 6 month anniversary with your guy! 
How would you like to celebrate?
.:*・゚ ゚.+° ゚+.゚ *+:。.。 。..:*・゚ ゚.+° ゚+.゚ *+:。.。:+*