Mystic Messenger: Important News Update

Another Story: Ray 
(Coming soon… January 30, 2018)

I'm sure everyone has heard the news... Ray's character from Mystic Messenger will be available January 2018!!!! If you have purchased the Another Story, you will soon be able to play Ray's route! Keep reading for more information!

Word of advice! I highly recommend saving hourglasses. Remember you can receive free hourglass by updating the game, or logging into the game every day to receive hearts or hourglass. You have a much higher chance of receiving a larger number of hearts if you’re playing the game throughout the day. You can also receive hourglass for guest that attends the RFA party; just keep in mind that once you receive an hourglass for that guest, you can no longer get another hourglass. It's a onetime deal. Lastly, playing the game in general, receiving hearts and if you’re doing well in a chat session you will receive hourglass, this of course occurs at random, there is no special technique in how to receive hourglass. In short, connect with the character and you have much higher chances of earning hourglass. Hope this helps!! Remember you can always just purchase hourglass.

A few words from Cheritz...
“Dear MC,
we truly wish you a happy Christmas. And we have a few important announcements in celebration of this year’s Christmas season.”

[First Topic]

“If you missed out last year’s Christmas DLC, don’t worry. Christmas DLC will be on 30% discount during this update!”
---This is a great deal, especially if you want to save on hourglass. Don’t let this great opportunity go. - Aya

Duration : 12.15.2017 - 12.25.2017
Content : Christmas DLC 30% Discount

[Second Topic]

“Looks like our RFA members want to wish you Merry Christmas. Special Christmas Opening Chat will be available with this upcoming update(v1.8.9)! Do not miss out your chance to receive RFA members’ greetings this season!”

Period : ~12.25.2017
Update: Android (expected on December 15th)
iOS(expected on December 17th)

 [Third Topic]

This is the topic we have all been waiting for since the last update. I personally, wanted to save Ray from everyone! Literally. Just run away with him from all the evil and pain that he has suffered. He was adorable and sweet. I’m hoping Ray’s story doesn’t turn out bittersweet ending. --Aya

“It was a long wait since the V route update. With all your love and support, the new character ‘Ray’ will be available on Another Story for play in upcoming January!”

“You can find yourself in Ray’s route on the 4th day of Another Story after your purchase on this coming January. We are doing our best, so please look out for more!”

Again, I cannot emphasize on this, save up on hourglass!!! Another Story is expensive, since you must make calls using hourglass, to open the next 24 hours of chats is expensive. I literally wasted 380 hourglasses just to play 1 day of chats… that’s a lot. Though it was worth it!! No regrets!! This is not including the missed chats. Save up on hourglass and update the game! One last point I would like to make... for those who have already purchased another story, keep in mind we might have to purchase it again, scratch that, make a completely new purchase in order to play Ray's route. Guess you can think of it this way, we paid for V, but not for Ray. Does anyone remember how much did it cost for V's route??

[Fourth Topic]

“We have also prepared something for all the MCs supporting Another Story that grew its scale.”

“There’s a paradise full of dreams and hope, with no pain or suffering.
Magenta awaits you!”

“Mint Eye Special Believer Package will start its pre-order this Christmas season for your invitation.”

“Check out more on the package’s contents to be revealed on 22nd of December. Ray’s route will be out by the time you receive this package.”

If any new information pops out, will let you all know ASAP!!  I’m one of those crazy desperate fans, that must know right away! Literally, I must know and play!

Please look for more details on December 22nd!

Lastly from Cheritz…

“Dear MC,

We hope this Christmas be a heart-warming, pleasant memory to you, and we will also do our best to present you memories to be cherished.

Thank you!



Guess we will finally be able to save my precious Ray. Looking forward for the NEW YEAR!! Again if any information comes up with let you all know, if you have questions or concerns let me know and will try my best to help. You can do so by leaving a comment or contacting me through Line!

Anything with quotations is from Cheritz. Visit their website for more information or playing the game! Information updates show up in the start of the game!

Here is the link for more information: CHERITZ

Before I forget....

If you need help in answering the correct answer for the emails either for the Main Story, which includes Casual or Deep Story or the newest Spin Off of Mystic Messenger Another Story, here is the link!

For the past few weeks I have been receiving many awesome questions through email or the comments section. Sadly, I sometimes don't reply fast enough to be able to help you out of that particular predicament.

So I have decided to share my line ID. 

LINE ID: aya_144

In order for me to respond faster to any questions or concerns about Mystic Messenger or anything related to my blog. So don't hesitate to contact me, trust me I will be able to respond right away or at least in the next 6 hours for sure.

Once you have added me send me a message! Just let me know that you got my ID from my blog, and I won't think you are a random stranger or creeper. ^^

If you do not have LINE... I highly recommend the app it is the best, at least for me that is.
For more information about LINE here is the website just click the picture below!

Have also my own little group, and even a BL group! Let me know if you would like to join!

(Not sure if I will regret it later on, but I will trust people that they won't do any funny business, if you do, trust me I will just report you and block you!)

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