Mystic Messenger: Ray’s Route Now Available

Another Story: Ray

Are you ready for another roller-coaster full of feelings and emotions with some psychological twist and turns...? Of course you are or why else would you be here?!!!

At last, a new scenario for Another Story that you have been waiting for, Ray’s Route has been released today!!!

You can check it out from Original Story -> Another Story.

 Once you open the game you should see this picture...


If not make sure the game has been updated to v1.9.0!

Price if you have never purchased “Another Story” it will cost 550 HG for both V and Ray.

If you have already purchased V’s Route, then it will only cost you 250HG.

Once you made your purchase all of this will be available to you…
- 7 days of game play
- 7 different endings
- Full-voiced visual novels and phone calls
- New texts and call alarms added
- Ray’s Route Free talk added
- Unlimited calling card set for V and Ray added (Separate purchase btw)


 Then it will finally look like this!!!

*After Ray Route update, Another Story will be purchasable only as a set of both the available routes, V and Ray. The price is the total addition of both routes.
*If you have already purchased V route, you can branch to Ray’s route from Another Story’s common route day 4 after Ray’s route purchase.

Unlimited calling card for V and Ray usable in Another Story will be added. Check it out from the in-game store! I highly recommend purchasing this it will save you hourglass in the long run. Especially if you miss a chat, to go back it will cost you 15HG each time!!!

+To all customers who purchased the Special Believer Package!

With this update, you can activate your Mint Eye Believer card on Cheritz Market.
Please activate your code from the link below after logging in to the Market!

Cheritz Market link :-

User profile page may slightly change after your activation!

*Guest account cannot be activated with the code, so please register your account!
*Make sure the information for your game account is correct before activation.
*If any problem occurs during activation, please send your inquiry to

1.9.0 Update Content
- New content added (Another Story - Ray’s Route)
- DLC history saving stabilized
- Minor bug fixes

[v1.9.0 Update Release]
Android: We are planning to release a new version today
iOS: Takes an extra 2-4 business days after the Android update due to the Apple review process.

*Compensation for this update has been increased to total 20 hourglasses due to features inaccessible in few devices.

 Finally after you have done all this you are now ready to pursue RAY!!!

Time to shed some tears of joy or sadness!!!

After you have finally completed the Prologue or skipped it, you will receive 20HG of compensation from Cheritz, use them wisely!

If you need help with answering correctly the Emails for the guest here is the link with the answers, they are in alphabetical order, which includes Casual, Deep and Another Story.


Ray will have their own photo album.... after goofing off and seeing what's different it appears that Jaehee will not have a new picture on her album, kinda sad... was also expecting more Jumin pictures, but there will only be three.

Cause you all know I love my JUMIN!!!

 Guess who is going to keep calling again.... 

Yes... unknown is back!!! LOL!

For those wondering what time to start the game or the route... like usual start at midnight, literally at midnight. 

YAY! It's that time of year where you feel nostalgic on back in the good old days when you will stop doing what your doing to play Mystic Messenger or that time where you wake up in the middle of the night.

 It's that time!!


Here is how Day 1 to Day 2 schedules look so you can at least have an idea want to set up your alarms... LOL! XD 
BTW, it cost me 150 HG to buy the next 24 hours of chats from Day 1 to Day 2. Just in case you were wondering... currently on Day 4, already wasted 540 HG just to skip days... That's what I call dedication.

As I play along will add more information, as mentioned before currently on Day 4 in total there are supposed to be 7 days so I’m half way there.

Love the chats... how I missed the RFA group...

Here is a small preview to motivate you in purchasing Another Story:


 Later on when Jumin joined the chat room...

LOL! I love them both more JUMIN!

If you need help with answering correctly the Emails for the guest here is the link with the answers, they are in alphabetical order, which includes Casual, Deep and Another Story.

If you have questions, concerns, opinion, or helpful advice please leave a comment in the comment section below. Remember use your texting and chatting skills to win Ray’s heart!!! Earn plenty of magenta hearts to get his good or normal end??

If you ever need to reach me contact me through LINE for faster response. 
My LINE ID is Aya_144


  1. Thanks a bunch AYA!! Was a bit confused on how much it was to buy route, sadly I have to wait a little bit.

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