Another Story: Saeran CG

Good morning,

Due to high demand have finally added some of the CG's for Ray's Route, will also be updating all the albums from all the old characters, including V's route.
For those who have yet not played a specific route; please be aware that there might be spoilers but it's a good way to get a glimpse of ANOTHER STORY! Enjoy!


As of now,
Ray is the only one that has been updated still a few parts missing but overall I have most CG have been added.
Next will V which also includes V's route, will try to add most of them by February 10, 2018.
Over the course will add the original characters as well. Any questions or concerns do let me know! If a link does not work do let me know!

If you need help or explanation about Another Story here is the link... >>Another Story<<