Mystic Messenger: April Fools DLC

Mystic Messenger April Fools Special is OUT!

To sum it up in a few words:
MM: April Fools is CRAZY, with many dimensions!! Like Alice in Wonderland.

Will be posting random pics in each link to give you a glimpse for each route and what you are up against. 
Please be aware of spoilers, so if you don't want to learn in detail than I highly recommend not clinking any of the links. 

Here is some important information about the game!
One if you ignore Zen and not go along with the prank, you get normal end. If you go along with the prank and support Zen you get good end.  That's my super short version of how to get a specific ending. XD

How much does it cost? 60 Hourglass

When you enter the April Fools Special:

Downloads: (Which took a while, a good 5 minutes.)

Introduction: (Important piece of information!)


10 FREE Hourglass:

There are no individual CG for each character, but there is an AF Album:

April Fools is only one day:

That's all the important stuff you need to know! 
If your wondering what is the best time to start the game? That would midnight! If you missed a chat, to open in a missed chat it will cost you 7 hourglass.

That's all the important information that you might need for now. If you have any questions do let me know and I will try my best to help!

The links posted will lead you to have a glimpse of the April Fools Route! If you don't see a specific ending it's because I'm still trying to add them. For now will add Common route and Normal End. 

To end this post and to summarize the game here is a screenshot of MM. 


Image result for feeling high on drugs anime gif

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