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It is Summer/Winter for some of you, which means it's time for scary stories!!! MAYBE?!
Either way, previously in various Line groups we have been chatting about three points:
  1. Horror Games
  2. Scary Stories
  3. Hunted Locations
For now we shall only focus on one particular topic scary stories. 
One of my friends was kind enough to send me the story/link which is about a scary text message between a teenage boy and a teenage girl that have been recorded and is now live on the internet. These friends used a popular chat app known as WhatsApp. An outsider recorded this conversation and shared it on the internet for everyone to see... 
BTW, I don't know how this app works I only use Line, also not sure if it's a true story... 

Moral of the story though... Don't wait till the last minute to call the cops before it's too late.

Here is a link to the story: "ANNIE96 IS TYPING...


Enjoy and Stay Safe!

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