The Royal Tutor (Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine)

The Royal Tutor: Spoiler Alert!!

A few of my friends were dying to know who is the first prince? So decided to make a post about it. There are a few errors here and there, but a picture is self explanatory. 
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Who is the first prince? 
Is he one the one that appears in the OP/ED?

Wrong, that's the father and the King! 

Now may I present to you, the First Prince... he appears in Vol. 7 Chapter 36!

He does not have similar hair color as the King, but he does have the similar eye color.  

I find him attractive, also he might act like the bad guy, but i believe he is just misunderstood.

Hope this answers some of your questions!

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  1. He is so hot!! Took me a while to find the button, didnt see it at first. LOL!