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Update: I have answered all questions and comments... I think? Or at least the most recent ones from December onward. Since most of the old comments were already answered by other awesome Mystic Messenger FANS, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for helping out other fans, while I am away.

Secondly I will be posting Jumin Xmas ending. Since many of you have been stalking me online to add it LOL! Though just remember I will only add Jumin's ending, not the whole route, it takes too long and I don't wish to get banned. The rest of the characters endings... will eventually be added, but I do believe most of the Xmas special have already been posted online. If not... well just write a comment to let me know what ending you would like to see/read. Keep in mind, ending does have spoilers for the main route, so read with caution.

If you need help earning Hourglass visit here:
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If you need help on how to trade Hearts to Hourglass visit here:
Mystic Messenger: Hearts

If you need help in figuring what ending did you get in Mystic Messenger, or need to help restarting the game, also how do you pay for Deep Story then visit here:
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