MM: What Ending Did I Get? How to Restart Mystic Messenger? Can we get free hourglass?

 They are all ADORABLE!!

Your playing Mystic Messenger when all of a sudden, the game just ends... and you have no idea what's going on!

Yes, this happens a lot. if you are not paying attention, the ending just comes out of nowhere and you are left with a bunch of questions, the top one being 
Now what do I do? 
This post will also explain in detail 'how to restart?' & 'Can we get free Hourglasses?' & 'Can we get Deep Story free?'
Well first of all the game will automatically restart where you get to choose between Casual and Deep Story, BUT before you start all over, do me a favor and tap on EXTRA!

The page should look something similar to the picture below:

Now tap on "Chat History":

Choose the Character, afterwards pick the day that the game ended and you will see what end you have received!


Same with Call History:

Moving on...
Now better explanations on the beginning of the game.
After you finish the route you will start from the very beginning unless you saved the game and you upload then that's a different story, but if not you will start from the very beginning where you meet Unknown.

Before all of that happens,
The game will start from here:

 Hopefully I have not lost you with my explanation...

Moving on you will tap on "Original Story".

Now here is where some of you I have confused...

In order to be able to view Deep Story, you must pay 80 Hourglass, You will only pay one time, and that's it.

If you did NOT pay it would look like this:

If you would like to purchase "Deep Story" tap on it and pay 80 hourglass.

When you do it should look like this:

Now, look at the pictures before you tap away!!

What character are you aiming for????

  • If you are aiming for Yoosung, Jaehee, or Zen pick Casual Story.

  • If you are aiming for 707 or Jumin, pick Deep Story.

The After Ending:

How much does it cost??
After Ending for all characters cost 20 hourglass.

How do I open Extra (Secret) Story 1 And 2?
You must get Happy End 707, and read his After Story, this will open Extra 1, once you complete Extra 1, Extra 2 will open.

How much does the Extra (Secret) Cost?:
Together 1 & 2 cost 140 Hourglass, each episode is 10 hourglass.

How do I restart the game?

Go to your settings, which is located on the Upper Right Corner!

Now you should be able to view a page similar to this:

On the tab section, tap on Account, which is located on your right side:

You should now be able to see "Start Over".

Now besides the ways of getting hourglasses that I have explained before, can you get free hourglasses? The answer is NO! 

You must pay to get more hourglasses, be wise in what you spent it on!

'Can we get Deep Story Free? 
Is there a way to get Deep Story for free?'

NO, you have to pay, so please save up! it is possible to earn enough hearts trade them in for an hourglass, also you don not have to go back and open up your old chats, instead save them for when you need your hourglass!

Hope this helps answer a few questions!

News Update:
Cheritz will now be enforcing the rules!
If you are cheating or finding loopholes I would stop or run the risk of being permanently banned from the game forever!!!
More information on the link below:

If you have any other questions do let me know so I can update this post, will add all popular questions on this post!


  1. Hi there! Thank you for all of this helpful information~
    I have a question about Extra and it's features.
    Does it archive ALL of the Endings that you have earned? Such as the good, normal, and bad ending?

    1. Any ending is is always filed away in the Extra section, so it's always saved and you can go back and look at it again, how ever many times you want.
      So if you got bad end or normal end, that is always saved too.

  2. Hi! I wanted to know that how often do new chatrooms open up? Like, even when we are asleep? And can't we adjust the time for the chatrooms? Also, idk but is it compulsory to unlock the deep route even though the ones we are interested in is in the casual route?

  3. I just want to ask a question...if you complete an ending..the game will restart right?the amount of hourglasses last time will be same or not?sorry for my bad english ^^

  4. I have got 76% for day 1 chats, would I still be able to get good ending? I'm aiming for zen route~

    1. Yes you will still be able to obtain good end... as long as you get plenty of gray hearts. Think of it this way if you have more than 70% plus guest, then you have a passing grade!

  5. If i restart will i lose all of my progress with Yoosung or will it save if i manually save it. If you dont understand what i am asking then this is an easier question: How do I start another route after I finished one? please make it detailed like step by step