Mystic Messenger: Funny Video

If you are reading my blog it's either for one of these three reasons.
  1. Internet sent you here... must be fate XD
  2. Need help with something... WHAT???
  3. Mystic Messenger FANS!! 
 But for whatever reason it is, if you are a MM fan you MUST watch this video!!! I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt so bad, I felt like i couldn't breathe LOL! Looked liked an idiot in the middle of the countryside with my family looking at me and judging me! Also if you have no idea what MM is about, this video summarizes somewhat the main points of the game in a hilarious way! 
(Also totally understand that this might not be funny or interesting to everyone!)

Moving on!!! (btw you can always pause/mute the music)

From: 707

Love the last part though LOL! MC and Jumin it's so True!!!! 
Also poor V, but was laughing so hard! I mean even though he can't see, man the guy sure knows how to be fashionable, his hair is always perfect! BTW, yeap, I didn't have anything better to do! 

The patience and creativity to do all this, AMAZING!! 
Please remember to send them a thank you!! 
 fair warning on the language used! XD

 Yeap, I definitely had nothing better to do!


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