Mystic Messenger: Hearts

How to earn Hearts? How do I get good end using the Hearts? What is the importance of the Hearts? What if my Hearts are not popping up or are not being added?? Broken Black Heart?
So you are having Heart Problems? By that I mean the game of course.

Do not tell the guy he has mental health issues, even when he is going psycho on you and keeping you away from the world, that's not the proper way to earn HEARTS!!!

Throughout the game you will be earning Hearts from different characters, the first 4 days decides which character you are aiming for. Do keep in mind, you can get bad ending the first couple of days, if you keep making the wrong choices!

The next 6 days (Day 5-Day11), you have to try and get the answer choices of the character you are aiming for!! Try not to pick the answers of the other characters or you will be heading towards bad end. That does not mean I have to avoid any answer choices of the other characters! You can still pick it, just pay attention to the character you are aiming for.

Avoid Black Hearts!!!! If you can exit from the game altogether (if you had saved the game before) and start the conversation all over again, that's what I do.

How do you know if you are earning any HEARTS???

At the end of every conversation or text and even phone calls. If you made the right choices, you will earn a HEART. For the Chat session it would look something like this...

If you are not seeing this at the end of the conversation...
1. You didn't pick the correct answers.
2. The chat might not have had any hearts this applies sometimes with Day 1, since it's mainly intro.
3. Bug Problem! I would take a screenshot like the one above and a screenshot of your total hearts afterwards, like the one below. And email Cheritz, ASAP!!! Also remember to update!!!

Now to trade your Heart for an Hourglass as mentioned before, to the very top you should see number of Hourglass and number of hearts. You should see a plus sign (+) click that.

Then you should see this.... also I would write down this email, if you have purchased anything!! Keep your RECEIPTS!!!

Then click (OK)

You should be on this page now....

All you have to do now is pick the one at the very top,
100 Hearts = 1 Hourglass

The more hearts you earn the more Hearts you are able to receive!

Also try to save up 80 Hourglass for Deep Story
And save 160 Extra Story in 707 route!

Hope all this made sense, if I find out more information concerning Hearts will let all of you know!


News Update:
Cheritz will now be enforcing the rules!
If you are cheating or finding loopholes I would stop or run the risk of being permanently banned from the game forever!!!
More information on the link below:
>>> Mystic Messenger: Enforcing the Rules! <<<
Remember you can always visit their web page for more information! 
Just click the banner below!

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If you have any questions for them, you can always email them or send a message through the forum. Just click the banner below!


If you need help with answering the emails here is the link! 
>>Click Here<<

If you need help with getting through the Prologue click the link!
>>Click Here<<

>>> PHONE CALLS?? <<<


Also if you need help with the Extra Ending or how to get the extra 1 & 2 click the link below!
Be warned I highly recommend doing all the other routes first!!
>>>> Extra Story <<<<<

Mystic Messenger: Photo Album has been posted!
Spoiler Alert: 
Here is the link: 
If any more info I find will add a link to it!

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  2. What's with this White hearts? qwq

    1. It is for unknown aka Saeran.

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  3. I am also receiving white hearts. Is it for the unknown guy?

    1. I'm still trying to figure it out. As of now there is no V or UNKNOWN route. Though Cheritz is thinking about adding their routes. Posted the announcement on my blog.

    2. I think when you get a white heart you get an affection point for all the characters or something like that.

    3. The way I see it, white hearts seems to be on the side of Unknown but not literally getting affection for Unknown, but getting to the bad end wherein you'll be taken by Unknown.

      707: I'm not planning on living longer
      Yoosung: OMG!
      MC: Sleep tight as a baby sheep *white heart appears*


  5. I get 999hearts and when I pressed the chips it become 034hearts. I checked my hourglass but it remains in 23 (I used it to purchased the 2nd day which is a very bad moves T.T) but anyway I want to know what went wrong?

    1. At least have a two to three hour gap before purchasing the second day. Cause the chats will not pause and you will most likely gets chats for the second day even through you are still on the first.

  6. In the game I've been getting white hearts in the casual and deep route. But, what really surprised me is that my friend was playing and she got a black heart... What does it mean?!

  7. It is broken heart. The black heart is. Which is kinda inevitable in some situations especially if your going for Zen's route. Unless you choose the answers where you don't gets hearts for some of the characters but in some situations you will and the white heart is for Unknown aka Saeran.

  8. I'm in 707's route on day 7.And I recently broke his heart cause of a mistake, my last save is on day 6.I don't wanna load the game, can I still get the good ending?

    1. One broken heart will not affect your outcome. Think of the hearts as an affection meter. You have to aggressively pursue hearts for it to go up, and you then have to aggressively break them to make them drop significantly.

    2. Also just by not getting any hearts from that specific character also prevent you from getting good end, but just like "???" said, you can break a few hearts as long it's not a bunch of them.

  9. Thank you!! I thought we could not get hourglasses without paying with real money.