Mystic Messenger: Day 2

>>Day 2 <<

  • Jaehee’s Announcement 

  1. Hello~ 
   Are you still working, Jaehee? (+Jaehee) 
  1. Is something up? (----)  You get wrinkles if you sigh LOL (----)  
  1. It was wrong for him to do that. And visiting you that late at night? (+Jaehee)  I guess you don’t really like cats? (----) 
  1. Next time, don’t open the door. (Alt Selection 1) Ask him to pay you extra. (----) 
  1. I doubt he’ll fire you. You’re good at your job. (+Jaehee) Just get a new job! 
  1. Zen’s so sexy I’m gonna get a heart attack . (Alt Selection 2)  Everyone’s been nice so I’m not worried. (----)  I’m not sure. (+Jaehee) 
  1. You seem to be screaming out how much you want to stop being single?(Jaehee Black Heart!) I only want to be Zen’s fan. (+Jaehee) 
  1. Cheer up~! (----)  Goodbye. (----)  
  • Zen received fan letters 

  1. You’re still awake~ (----) Zen, what's sup? (+Zen) 
  1. When are you going to bed? (----) What are you doing? (+Zen) 
  1. I’m jealous… (----) You must feel good. (+Zen) 
  1. You can date secretly. Does your popularity have anything to do with you getting a girlfriend?(+Zen) Yup. Best to stay safe and focus on work.  (----) 
  1. Don’t be so weak. You’re not the only one who is lonely. (----) That might be best for both people. (Alt Selection) 
  1. Aren’t the people from the organization enough? (----) That just sounds like you want a girlfriend. (+Zen) 
  1. It won’t disappear. (+Zen) Does your real family live far away? (----) 
  1. Good luck~ (+Zen) Goodbye. (----) 
  • Yoosung’s omelet rice 

  1. So sleepy… (----) Good morning, Yoosung. (----) 
  1. I did. (----) No. (+Yoosung) Not yet. (----) 
  1. Looks good. (+Yoosung) LOLOLOLOLOL Cooking’s not your thing. (Alt Selection 1) 
  1. You can. (+Yoosung) Nope. (----) 
  1. Why? (----) You don’t have a girlfriend? (----) 
  1. I guess LOL (+Yoosung) hahaha Oh my, so innocent~ (Alt Selection 2) 
  1. Nope I’m innocent LOL (+Yoosung) 
  1. Good luck studying. Bye~ (----) 
  • Fight over cats 

  1. Jaehee, how is the cat? (+Jaehee) Jumin, did you get your cat? (+Jumin) 
  1. A bit douchey;; (Alt Selection) You must have good skills? (+Jumin) 
  1. Not; (+Jaehee) I was only being honest 
  1. When will the date be set? (----)  When do you think we’ll hold the party? (----)  
  1. Did V get depressed? (----)  Was V deeply involved with Rika? (----)  
  1. It’s not about money. You have to respect Jaehee’s private life too. (+Jaehee) Jaehee, money’s the best~ (+Jumin) 
  1. LOLOL (+Jumin) I see that being an assistant is very hard… (+Jaehee) 
  1. Hope you take her back safe~  (+Jumin) Jaehee, I’m glad it’s almost over for you haha. (+Jaehee) 
  • Yoosung’s thoughts 

  1. Gah… I’m hungry. (----)  Yoosung, did you have lunch? (----)  
  1. Haha yeah. . (----) Please be my cat, Yoosung. (Alt Selection 1)  
  1. We’ll see. Ya (+Yoosung) 
  1. I guess he’s busy. (----)  Do you miss him? LOL (----)  
  1. What are you doing right now? (Alt Selection 2)  Did you have lunch? (----) 
  1. Who was school today? I’m sure she’s well. (+Yoosung) 
  1. Goodbye. (----)  So soon? (+Yoosung) 
  • Zen hates cats 

  1. Oh, 707. (+707) It’s the notorious 707! (----) 
  1. Are you close with Yoosung? (+707) LOLOL you’re quite full of yourself. (----) 
  1. LOL You’re here. (----) Zen, hello. (+Zen) 
  1. You don’t like cats? (+Zen) Which do you hate more, Jumin or cats? (+707) 
  1. You must really like cats! (+707) I think that’s abuse… (+Zen) 
  1. What are you talking about? (----) Mr. Chairman? …Golf? (----) 
  1. What work? (+707) Goodbye. (----) 
  1. You should go too, Zen~ (Ends Chat) What do you think he meant? (+Zen) 
  1. Not yet. (----)  Yes. (----)  
  1. I’ll take care of myself. Alright. Thank you for your concern. (+Zen) 
  • Concerns from V and Zen  
  1. Wow… it’s really you! (----)  Hello, V. (----)  
  1. I’m trying. (----)  I’m not sure yet. (----)  
  1. Hyun? (----)  I know… Hello, Zen~! (Zen+ Alt Selection 1) 
  1. Yes. (----)  Not yet. (----)  
  1. Someone must know that I’ve joined RFA. (----) That’s actually suspicious… (Alt Selection 2) 
  1. Someone’s not watching me, right? (----)  How did the word get out? (----) 
  1. Thank you for caring. (Alt Selection 3) I’m a bit scared.. T_T (+Zen) How bad can it be? 
  1. I am a bit scared. Don’t think that way. I’m fine. (+Zen) 
  1. I guess V used to be more active. (----) 
I think it will be fun. I hope we get to hold the party again. (+Zen) 
  1. Goodbye. (----)  I will. Thank you. (----)  
  1. I wasn’t too flustered. I was thankful that he worried for me.. (+Zen) 
  1. He must have loved her deeply. (----)  I hope he cheers up soon. (----)  
  1. See you later, Zen. (+Zen) Goodbye. (----) 
  • Yoosung’s doubt 

  1. Oh, it’s Seven. (----)  707 has entered. (+707)  
  1. Yes. But he left soon. (----)  You wanted to see V? (----)  
  1. What fun things? (+707)  That doesn’t sound too good; (----) 
  1. Hey~Hey~ (+Yoosung) Nice to see you, Yoosung. (----) 
  1. We’ll find out soon, I guess. (----)  Or… you can just hand with me and chat LOL (----)  
  1. Hello.  (+Jumin)  Hey (----) 
  1. Jaehee has a life of her own; (----)  Hmm? What do you think she’s doing? (----)  
  1. I’m bad at geography too LOL (+Yoosung) You have to study hard to earn a proper living. (----)  What subject do you like? (----)  
  1. Did V do something wrong? (----)  Is Yoosung not getting along with V? (----)  
  1. Maybe V knows something that you don’t… (+Yoosung) I heard that if people get really sad, they get colder instead. (----) 
  1. Maybe he had his own reasons. (+Yoosung)  Don’t get too worked up. (----) 
  1. I think he’s hiding something. (+Yoosung)  I want to see how things go. (+707)  I want to trust V. (+Jumin) 
  1. Classic sister complex… (+707)  Quit being suspicious of each other~ (+Jumin) Seven, maybe you watched too many soap operas? LOL (+Yoosung) 
  1. Seven seems to need the cat’s blessing. (+707)  Ya (----) We must protect animals. (+Yoosung) 
  1. I think he mentioned something about religion… (----)  I’ll be okay, right? T_T (----)  
  1. Still, you should eat properly;; (+Yoosung) Sleep tight like a baby sheep. (???*) 
  1. He must be from a super rich family… (+Yoosung) I prefer fried chicken and wine too LOL  (+Jumin) 
  1. Have fun playing^^ (+Yoosung) Goodbye, Jumin  (+Jumin) 
Zen’s with new work 
  1. Zen, are you done with work? (Zen +Alt Selection 1)  Yoosung, are you playing games? (+Yoosung)  
  1. Why? (----)  Got a date? (----)  
  1. You must be starting a new piece~ Congratulations. (+Zen) Ya I'm listening (Alt Selection 2) 
  1. ;;;; T_T… Alright. (+Zen) 
  1. LOLOLOL good for you. (+Zen) Such a narcissist. LOL (+Yoosung)  
  1. I think it’ll suit you well. (+Zen) lmfaoooooo (----)  
  1. Congrats (----)  Do you want me to help you practice your lines? (+Zen) 
  1. Okay. Goodbye~ (----)  Anytime ^^ (+Zen) 
  • Romance Novel 

  1. Zen, are you practicing your lines? (+Zen) Hello. Zen. (----)  
  1. You want me to join? (----)  Then why are you telling me..? (----)  
  1. A romance novel organization is a bit… Sounds good. (Email from romance) 
  1. Thank you for the good information. (----)  Looking forward to your awesome performance. (+Zen) 
  • Jaehee’s support  
  1. Hello, Jaehee. (----) How did the cat issue go, Jaehee? (+Jaehee) 
  1. I think Zen’s pretty handsome LOL (----) I’m not really interested in that… I think so too (+Jaehee) 
  1. I’m not sure yet. I haven’t known him for long. (+Jaehee) Why are you asking? (----)  
  1. It’s nothing like that~. Don’t worry. (+Jaehee) It’s none of your business.. (Jaehee Black Heart) I don’t have feelings for Zen. (----)  
  1. Jaehee, do you have feelings for Zen? (Alt Selection) Zen will be thankful. (+Jaehee) 
  1. Ya… You have a typo. (----)  
  1. I’ll cheer with you. (----) You have a kind heart. (+Jaehee) 
  1. It was nice talking to you ^^ (+Jaehee) I’ll be off too. (----) 

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