Deep Story: Day 1 Walkthrough

Mystic Messenger
Deep Story: Common Route
>> Day 1<<

Deep Story
(The beginning is the same as Casual Story, the only difference is that your answer choices will be aiming either to 707 or Jumin, unless you want bad ending. If you see any errors do let me know!) Also if you want 100% full, you must start at midnight!
(Someone will be sending me the responses for the earlier times later in the day, so please have patience!) 

Day 1: 
·       12:03
o   Welcome: 1
·       02:21
o   Welcome: 2
·       04:35
o   Zen’s Complaint
·       07:00
o   Yoosung’s Complaint
·       08:00
o   Jumin’s Lonely Morning
1.    Hello.
You haven’t left for work yet? (+Jumin)
2.    What were you doing, Zen? (+Zen)
I’m sleepy.
But Jumin, don’t you have to go to work? (+Jumin)
3.    I was just bored lol
Now that the sun has risen, my body and mind ache in loneliness.
4.    I’m lonely… I’m painfully lonely.
Jumin’s kinda scary ;;
Jumin’s a born businessman (+Jumin)
5.    Isn’t it natural to just work as much as you get paid? (+Jumin)
It’s better to treat people like actual human beings than to be so strict.
6.    Well… A labor management relation is always a complicated issue. (----)
Can we change the subject?
I’m pretty sure it’s tears of joy +_+ (+707)
7.    I tend to like them. (+ Jumin)
Cats are a bit scary. (+Zen)
8.    Good bye, lovely Zen ^^ (+Zen)
Good bye. (----)
·       10:04
o   Seven Loves Cats
1.    Hello, 707.
Hello, Jumin. (+Jumin)
2.    The cat’s pretty… haha (+Jumin)
Lol cat mom (- Black Heart)
3.    Ya. I’ll have to be careful. (----)
Seven just seems like he likes to joke around?
4.    He must be really skilled. (----)
Seven, what do you do? (+ 707)
5.    I think he’s funny. (+707)
Have you been here? (----)
6.    Good bye. (+Jumin)
Bye, my bae character~
7.    I’ll believe you. (+707)
I’ll see. (----)
8.    Good bye. (----)
Laterz. (+707)
·       11:58
o   Seven’s Investigation
1.    What are you researching? (----)
You’re not playing games?
2.    That makes me uncomfortable. Please stop.
Did you find anything?  (----)
3.    Can’t you just tell me?  (----)
I think I have the right to know.
4.    How did Rika leave this world? (----)
Why is Rika so important to everyone?
5.    Good bye, Seven. (----)
Good bye, Yoosung.
·       12:50
o   Jaehee’s Expectation
1.    Jaehee, please tell me about Rika. (----)
Hello, Jaehee. (Alt Selection 1)
2.    Are you doing a background check on me?
About me? (Jaehee)
3.    I think it will be fun. (Jaehee)
I’ll think about it. (----)
Can’t someone else do it?
4.    Jaehee. Are you always so formal? (----)
So… what will I have to do? Specifically.
5.    Is the party that grand? (----)
What’s the benefit of hosting the party again?
6.    It’s too difficult T_T
Do you hope V to come back? (----)
Why except for Yoosung..?
7.    Good bye.
Bye, ma’am. (----)
·       13:48
o   Jumin’s Curiosity
1.    Whassup mista trustfundkid
How do you do, Mr. Han? (----)
Hello, Jumin. (+Jumin)
2.    Why?
Is that a threat? (+Jumin)
3.    IS the job hard?
It’s too hard. Help me, Lovely Jumin. (Black Heart)
Don’t worry. I’ll do a good job. (+Jumin)
4.    I’ll try my best. (+Jumin)
So all I have to do it be good at randomly picking?
5.    I’m not interested.
I’d like to do something meaningful.
I’d like to do it with you, Jumin. (+Jumin)
6.    See ya~ (----)
Good bye.
·       15:00
o   Zen Reminisces About the Old
1.    Zen, Hi~
Today’s weather was nice.
2.    Are you okay? (+Zen)
Did you have fun at your rehearsal? (+Zen)
3.    I’m tone deaf. (+Zen)
I’d like to hear it too. (----)
I bet I can sing better.
4.    The party was that big?
I feel a bit of pressure.
5.    Work?
6.    I’m hungry…
I already ate.
·       16:50
o   Who hates to work?
1.    Whoah~! Who is this guy?! (+707)
Hello, 707.
Whoot whoot~! (+707)
·         -_-
I’m here babe. (+707)
2.    Because you like me? (+707)
Because you don’t have a cat.
Lack of caffeine.
Because I joined the organization? (+Hourglass)
3.    They’re different?
Omg… How did you hack it? (+707)
4.    Any possibility that ‘Unknown’ is Rika?
Do you have feelings for Rika?
Maybe she is really still alive? (+707)
5.    She’s beautiful. (+707)
My looks are better.
6.    Cross dressing?!
Why did you have to show it now;; (+707)
7.    I can protect myself.
Okay. (+707)
8.    Thank you for telling me all these things. (+707)
Goodbye, 707.
·       18:02
o   Yoosung’s Hope for the New
1.    Hello, Yoosung.
What are you doing at this hour?
2.    Are you good at games? (+Yoosung)
What do you want to know? (----)
3.    What do I have to do? (+Yoosung)
Party? (----)
4.    I’ll do my best ^^ (+Yoosung)
You just do whatever I say. (+Yoosung) (I noticed in his route he can be an M)
I feel quite a bit of pressure.
5.    I hope I can be of help.  (+Yoosung)
Don’t look forward to it too much. (----)
6.    Thank you. (+Yoosung)
I’ll do what I can. (----)
7.    Don’t get too into playing games. (----)
Good luck!  (+Yoosung)
·       18:58
o   Concerns of Two Men
1.    Hello, Jumin. (+Jumin)
Zen, you’re on. (+Zen)
2.    Why? (+)
Is it good that I’m here with you guys? (----)
3.    What is your worth, Jumin? (+Jumin)
Why do I have to prove my worth to anyone? (+Zen)
4.    I first intend to try my best. (+Jumin & +Zen)
Do I have no choice? (----)
5.    I’m not sure yet… I’ll just do it for now I guess. (+Zen)
If I try my best, then everything will be good. (+Jumin)
6.    Tell your cat hello, Jumin. (+Jumin)
Go ahead Zen. (+Zen)
·       19:40
o   Discussion About the Party
1.    Did everyone eat? (+Jaehee)
It’s a beautiful evening. (+Jumin)
I have a lot on my mind after today. (+Jaehee)
2.    Yes.
Not yet… (++)
3.    Take out is not good for you… (+Jaehee)
Did something happen? (----)
4.    Why would Jaehee be against it?
Is it bad to be against it? (----)
5.    Ouch…
I see that you two are pretty close.
6.    Don’t expect too much. (+Jaehee)
I plan to do my best. (+Jumin)
7.    I don’t think that’s within business hour; (+Jaehee)
What’s going on with you two? (----)
8.    Bye, Mr. Han. (+Jaehee)
Good bye. (+Jumin)
9.    Yes. (+Jaehee)
Nope. (----)
·       21:50
o   Zen’s Expectation
1.    Hello. (----)
Zen, you’re not sleeping yet? (+Zen)
2.    No. (----)
I tend to. (+Zen)
3.    I’m a bit lost. (----)
I’m excited for all the things to come. (+Zen)
I am a bit curious to see what will happen. (----)
4.    That’s good haha (+Zen)
what do you mean? (----)
5.    What do you want to do when you meet me?
Is V that important?
6.    Is V his name?
Why doesn’t V come here often?
7.    I’m going to rage all night. (----)
I’ll go to bed soon. (+Zen)
·       22:30
o   Excited Yoosung
1.    Whatcha doin? (----)
Yoosung, what are you up to? (+Yoosung)
2.    Aren’t you expecting too much from me?
Are you love sick? (+Yoosung)
Why don’t you try exercising for a bit and then go to sleep? (+Zen)
3.    Awww yeah~ Eye candy lol (+Zen)
I don’t exercise either. (+Yoosung)
Not really interested;
4.    Am I similar with Rika? (----)
Did you like Rika? (+Yoosung)
I feel a bit strange.
5.    I see. (+Yoosung)
All this talk about Rika is making me uncomfortable.
6.    I plan to do my very best. (+Yoosung)
I’ll do what I can. (----)
I’m going to do whatever I want.
7.    I won’t. (+Yoosung)
We’ll see.
8.    Good bye.
Be careful^^ (+Yoosung)
·       23:15
o   Jaehee’s Favor
1.    Jaehee, you’re still awake. (+Jaehee)
I’m sleepy…
2.    I’ll think about it.
Could you please explain again what I have to do?
I plan to try my best. (+Jaehee)
3.    What kind of person is Jaehee? (+Jaehee)
I’m curious of Jumin. (+Jumin)
I am curious of 707. (+707)
I’m curious of Zen. (+Zen)
I am curious of Yoosung. (+Yoosung)
4.    You’re fun too (+Jaehee)
I won’t avoid you haha.
5.    Good night! (----)
Good bye~
Sleep tight. (----)

Also if you need help with the Extra Ending or how to get the extra 1 & 2 click the link below!
Be warned I highly recommend doing all the other routes first!!
>>>> Extra Story <<<<<

If any more info I find will add a link to it!


News Update:
Cheritz will now be enforcing the rules!
If you are cheating or finding loopholes I would stop or run the risk of being permanently banned from the game forever!!!
More information on the link below:
>>> Mystic Messenger: Enforcing the Rules! <<<


  1. So after advancing in the casual story is there no way to get the deep story?

    1. if you are on casual story for whatever character finish that first.
      then the game resets to the begining where you have the option to pick casual and deep. just keep mind you have to pay 80 hg to be able to unlock it!

  2. I thought i restarted the game u.u but it was just the same, thank you so much!

  3. Hello.. I want to know how to get into deep story I have completed my casual story and after that I went to deep story but I keep coming to casual story.. Can u help?