Otome Romance Novels: Destined to Love

If you are like me, who stopped playing OKKO, CYBIRD, Arithmetic, Inc. games, since you got tired of only 5 free tickets each day, and earning points to continue to read the story, or you had to purchase so much stuff just to finish the game. Which btw, the story was worth it! Though it's sad we sometimes can't replay the route also, by the end of the game you might have already wasted more than $50, at least I did! Which is why you might have noticed I have not posted any walkthrough's anymore. Instead I prefer games where I can purchase the whole route, like Voltage games for example. Anyway, seems CYBIRD heard the fans prayers of coming up with a game where we can purchase the routes!! YAY!!
Here is the Introduction for that app! (BTW, you might notice it's the same game as the free version.)

Do you love dating simulation games? Look no further than here!
Get your own romance novel library at the tip of your fingers through CYBIRD's Otome Romance Novels app!

Featuring some of the best stories from our Ikemen Series games, you'll be sure to find the man of your dreams here.
New series and stories will be added regularly, so don't miss out!

♦ Buy complete stories to read whenever you want!
Get entire routes for a heavily discounted price!
   Otome Romance Novels- screenshot
♦ Epilogues and Side Stories available as well!
Finished his route and can't get enough of him? Don't worry! Read his epilogue and birthday stories for an extra dose of his love!
   Otome Romance Novels- screenshot
♦Enjoy beautiful art!
Each route comes with gorgeous illustrations!
   Otome Romance Novels- screenshot
♦ A Quick and Easy interface!
Have a story you want to read? Simple! Just open the app, read the prologue, and choose your favorite guy! There are two endings per guy!
   Otome Romance Novels- screenshot
♦ Destined to Love full routes available now!
Read the Prologue and first chapter of every route for free!

Destined to Love Summary:
One accidental step and you're sent falling back in time—and into the arms of your one true love!

You're a modern girl, stuck in 18th century Kyoto and caught between two opposing forces. All around you are the handsome and daring heroes of the Bakumatsu period—but who can you trust? Get lost in a whirlwind romance, full of mystery and intrigue!

Your fate awaits you in the past.
Do you believe in destiny?

Otome Romance Novels, our newest app, is now out! Get Destined to Love routes to read whenever you want!
Google Play:

Download the app now and enjoy your romances!
Google Play:

Here is a glimpse of how the app looks! Which BTW, highly recommend!! Of course, this is a great app for fans that love to buy otome games! Remember, there is a free version available!

When you start the game:




 Remember first chapter is free!


Small glimpse on the prologue, which is probably available somewhere online, check YouTube!



P.S. This game reminds me of Gintama. LOL!!!





For some reason, my target is KEIKI... I find him amusing. LOL!

 You know MC did not pay attention to history class! Remember people, pay attention to your history class, you never know when you will end up in the past!







 The moment where I wanted to throw MC History book! BTW, this game does not count as a history lesson! LOL!

 I find Okita rather creepy at times...

Wanted TAKASUGI's route!!!!

YAY!!! Will give you a glimpse on the guy's stories, like a few sentences, but first a quick look on how the page looks like when you pick the guy you are targeting.






Almost forgot about the prices!

Main Story: $4.99
Epilogue: $2.99
His POV: $2.99

Of course depending on the currency of your country it might switch around.
For anyone that thinks this is expensive, I have to say, yes and no.
The main route is pretty long.... 13 Chapters. Though the last three chapters, theirs 2 versions. So it's more like 16 Chapters in total. So please support the game!! That way they can add new characters! If you have any questions do let me know, also I haven't played anyone's route yet... still deciding. Either way, all of the characters first chapter was interesting, so looking forward to playing the game!

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