Mystic Messenger: Valentine Special

Yes!! It's finally here!! MM Valentine Special!
Price: 20 Hourglass!! Pretty good price if I do say so myself!
20 * 5 = 100 Hourglass total price for all 5 characters!!

Now is it worth it? Yes, yes it is!! What kind of question is that! Of course be aware if you have not finished the endings for each of the main characters route their might be a few spoilers so you have been warned. Then again can you play the valentine's special if you have not finished the characters main story? Not sure... so if anyone has the answer for that, please let me know!
Anyway I have posted a link for each character, which will have a small preview.  BTW, 707 has two ending bitter and sweet, everyone else has only one ending. Hope you enjoy!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Remember to keep on supporting Cheritz!


>>Jaehee Kang<<



707 (Two Endings)



Hello, this is Cheritz!

1. After Ending Episode Update for  Valentine’s Day

We will add new After Endings today for Valentine’s Day. If you have cleared the original routes, check out Valentine’s happening after the endings!

Content Updated for Valentine’s Day

*5 new Valentine After Ending (Fully voiced)
*New Ringtones(Text, Calls, Email)
*Valentine’s Day Free talk
*You can check out all the content in the After Ending menu.

2. Restocking and Release of New Merchandise

-  707 Spaceship Cushion, RFA VIP Package(Korean) has been restocked.
707 Spaceship Cushion
- English site
- Korean site
VIP Package(English)
VIP Package(*Korean)
- Dotted RFA members mouse pad has been released
Please refer to the Cheritz Market for more details.
Thank you.

Mystic Messenger Valentine's Recording Scene

Mystic Messenger Voice Actor Interview Ver.2  

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