Enchanted In The Moonlight FullMoon Campaign!!!*\(^o^)/*

Did you know? This fall has been horrible!! Just had a car accident a few days ago, just because someone can't STOP at a stop sign... UGH! But all is well. Good thing Voltage has helped me ease my mind a bit. So now that I have released my stress... here is an updated on; In 'Enchanted in the Moonlight' if you have not purchased any of the man stories, sequels, and epilogues, etc. Now is your chance, as for me already wasted all my money when it first came out... slightly disappointed... kinda... either way, already purchased Yukinojo's route!!! YAY!! Should have waited, especially since I am running in a tight budget but oh well.

Enchanted In The Moonlight FullMoon Campaign!
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And upcoming stories this November... (^-^)v
 Coming Soon!

That's why Miyabi has been popping out everywhere to promote the campaign either that or to get him first place on November's Character Ranking!... which he succeeded, knocking down Eisuke to Second place! Darn you Miyabi!!! I actually wanted Soryu to win!!! LOL!
Photo: 2014 is almost over!
But we've got some fantastic events in store for all of you in the coming months!

Who was your favorite character of the year?
It's getting colder outside... So keep warm by the fire and try making your own character ranking of personal favorites! 
Check the latest November character rankings and get caught up on the newest stories and hottest guys!


Photo: .+゜*.+゜ Finally, in Love Again .+゜*.+゜
Yoh's Sequel & Sequel Epilogue are out now!

"Believe me, whatever happens."
Yoh is working in flower arranging and things are going well for the two of you... until you hear about him with another girl!



+:-:+ STORY +:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:
"You forgot how to kiss? Allow me to remind you."
Wrapped up in your career, your love life has been neglected...
until you're side-swept by love!
Your man takes the lead and you're head over heels before you know it! 

【Opening Movie】 Photo: Be My Princess 2 –New Release-

My Day Off with Princes and Butlers Part 1: OUT NOW!

Butler or Prince? Who will you choose?

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♘Library♘ Photo: ★Attention Love Letter from Thief X fans!★

An Engaging Mission: Riki
is coming very soon!!

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Photo: Metro PD: Close to You –Kimura– Coming this month!

Kimura usually wears glasses but once they come off... That’s a different story!
What is he hiding behind those glasses?

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