Enchanted in the Moonlight: Can someone explain!!!

Enchanted in the Moonlight -OUT NOW-

Special Sub Story

Hidden Feelings – OUT NOW!

Comes with THREE very special bonuses
●Special Voiced Story (Limited time only!)
●Special Images
 ①Image made just for this story!
 ②Cute image of all the Moonlight characters



After buying the voiced sub story... is Voltage just going to take it away? I thought that limited bonus is if we buy it now, we keep it FOREVER! But my some of my friends say "No, it's only for a while." If that's true, darn regretting purchasing the story!! 
SO... I just bought Chikage's substory, and paid $3.99 for it to buy it during the limited time only. HOWEVER, once the time limit is up, you loose it after you've paid for it? WTH!!!
In the end my question is...
Are we gonna lose the BONUS even after we've payed for it? I thought it was just the limited edition stuff where you won't get it after the time is up...

 All Images Belong to Voltage.

We learn something about Koten's Parents!!
AWW... Koten!!

After speaking his emotion... BUT!

So after Chikage tell MC his feelings and everything ....


 Meanwhile with Miyabi.....

Poor Miyabi... no Inari shushi.


Also.. Vote for SORYU in Kissed by the Baddest Bidder!!


  1. Oh man just screen record to keep if they are gonna take it away... I suggest litecam for android it's better than the current apps available in google play the only downfall is that it leaves a watermark on the video but you can remove it with virtualdub just get the delogo filter it's very easy to learn you can find tutorials on youtube.

  2. also email voltage through their app I'm sure they will answer your question... I've emailed them a lot times and they always give me an answer