My Romantic Three Kingdoms

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My Romantic Three Kingdoms - screenshot

>>>My Romantic Three Kingdoms<<<

The love dating simulation game which you can fall in love with the heroes from the three kingdoms!
The fateful love in a chaotic period with the heroes!
"Let me get a victory by your kiss..."
It starts from the book you bought for essay assignment, which is entitled 'The Three Kingdoms'.
You were guided by a mysterious bookmark putted in that book,
Then slip back in time to the period of the three kingdoms!
When you woke up, you saw the heroes of the three kingdoms right in front of you...!

  • The wicked strategist, and the genius general of Shu――Zhuge Kongming.

  • The guy carrying through his love, the military general――Zhou Gongjin.
  • The mysterious, the cool assassin――Cao Zihuan.

Moreover, there are lots of warriors, who took an active part in the three kingdoms, you can meet in this game!

Fall in love with the heroes, then you change their fate...!?
What would you choose...?
Spectacular love story in the chaotic period is open for you, now!
※Basically, it is a free game.
It costs if you buy some special scenarios and avatars.
< 'I will definitely be purchasing the extra scenes!!'♡

Invitation Code: wYeKgg

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