Her Force in Love... Now Available!

**――** NOW AVAILABLE **――**
Running out of money and going broke!!! Voltage addiction!!!- Aya

"Her Love in the Force" is finally available in both the iTunes Store and Google Play Store!
Welcome to the Public Safety Police Academy!
What do you expect to get from your instructors?
Private lessons... Interrogations... Physical training...!?

Oh, and by the way! Do NOT expect to find a girls' locker room in the all-male Police Academy!

Start your new romance now
! That's instructor's Orders!


**――** STORY **――**
"Your instructor’s orders are absolute!"
You've been accepted as a new trainee to the Public Safety Police Academy... only to discover that it's filled with all men!
Every day at the Academy the super-strict instructors discipline you... with love!
Because after all the strict training... the sweetest reward might just be waiting!
"Right now... you can rely on me as a man, not your instructor."


Routes Available as of now are... Seiji Goto and Hyogo Kaga.
Still no Ishigami... DARN!! 

Her Force in Love: Secret Files #1, 2, 3.


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