The Idol Dormitory

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The Secret Idol Dormitory

"Now you should realize that you can't run away from me."
The company you were working for suddenly went bankrupt!
You've lost job and being in a difficult situation.. The one who appears in front of you was the popular idol star you have always seen from TV!
  • Manly cool guy, and the most popular idol star――Tetsuya Narishige
  • Looking gentle, but actually so cool! The sadistic idol star――Yuki Kisumi

  • The tender & the mysterious idol star (He actually is a mad & wicked?!)――Sota Saotome

The place they took you to was an apartment called 'Cloud Reveur' which the idol stars are only allowed to live.
All of a sudden, you were decided to work there as a manager...
Your life as a manager and a housemate with the suspicious idol stars, has been started!
What is their secret and unexpected affair that is not reflected on TV!?
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How To Play!

Use the tickets which will be given to you everyday, advance the story. This game has been made for girls who wants to enjoy dating with famous and popular idol star.
You can also enjoy the lovely avatars and event which will be updated!
The fabulous illustration of the hot idol stars and you is also available for you!
※Basically, it is a free game. However, it costs when you purchase some special scenarios and avatars.

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