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Have you ever fallen in love with a video game characterーーー?
The word “Virtual Relationship” has gained attention recently through all sorts of media. Us, KOYONPLETE offer a visual novel from Tokyo that makes every girl feel“Doki Doki”.
From the previous edition which was themed  “sushi personified” called Love! Sushi Rangers was a huge success towards a lot of girls - not only in Japan but also from all over the world. Our Facebook page gained over 380,000 likes and achieved 7 million total downloads on our visual novel applications, and we will continue to further expand towards the success.  

This time, we have decided the theme of our new edition “School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”

You are the heroine of a student in the school of witchcraft and wizardry and you will experience all sorts of elements within the school life including encountering, growing up, and romance. You will be able to enjoy a whole new system with cool new features - decorate your own room, customize your avatar’s wardrobe, mini games, and receive messages from your crush/lover. Every month a new scenario will be updated. Through the method of crowd funding we would like to have more people to know our game, and every support we receive will be towards the development and translation costs. We will try our best to have as many people as possible to enjoy our game. We greatly appreciate all of your support.

Allie Quilter(Available to change the name you input)
Born into a family of gifted magicians she is the weakest member.
She likes making sweets and is a little spontaneous by nature. She is gentle but strong willed.

Cyril Posford
Born on August 22nd,170cm,58kg
Pawn Class: A gifted shape-shifter with a talent for performance magic.

He is best at adopting the form of a dog but can change into any form. He is amiable and can become friends with anyone.
He is always smiling and cheerful. He likes making people smile by doing fun things. His hobby is causing mischief.
He is the oldest son of a large family and so has a strong sense of responsibility and a surprisingly sturdy character.

Marius Beaven
Born on September 8th, 180 cm, 67kg
Bishop Class: Restoration Magic. A healing role, can cure any wound or illness.

An amiable gentleman. Perfect self-management.
Is kind to anyone, always gentle with a smile on his face, but keeps a set distance from people.
Does not talk about himself with others, often functions as a counselor.
His personal matters are contained within himself, he is self sufficient.

Victor Rubens
Born on December 24th, 185 cm, 70 kg
Rook Class: Offensive magic. He is also good at physics, so he is strong in battle.
As a Rook, he is often alone. He does not really like fights (but is strong if provoked).
Likes animals, but for some reason they are afraid of him. Rarely shows his emotions.
His family lineage is in the police, so he wants to become like his father and older brother in the future. He especially respects his older brother.

Lloyd Nutley
Born on January 15th, 178 cm, 62 kg
Knight Class: Dark magic. Can incapacitate in one shot, make dangerous potions, and more. Good at any magic.
Likes girls more than anyone. Always has a smile on his face, and always messing around.
Always waiting on the Knight Class girls, is kind to them and always making them his partner. Because of this, his reputation with boys is not good. However, even though he is always hanging around girls, he is by no means attached to one person, and likes being single.

▲Shatranj Academy

<Class Dispositions>
★Pawn Class:
Specializes in transformation magic, the members of this class are easily carried away and many of them are mischievous.
Cheerful, and enjoys discovering everything.
Usually works in public entertainment related jobs, like performers and the front stage.
★Rook Class:
Specializes in offensive magic, members of this class are short tempered. Hot headed students and students with course manners are common. There are also those who are always competing and are quick to fight.
Usually works in positions like security or police, that are related to self-defense and guarding.
★Bishop Class:
Specializes in restoration magic. There are many gentlemen and ladies in this class. There are many calm and elegant students, with proper manners.
Usually works in hospitals or become members of the clergy, positions that are based on healing.
★Knight Class:
Specializes in dark magic. Even at Shatranj Academy there are many students whose level towers above the rest. Among the 4 classes, they are the most specialized. Because they specialize in dark magic, they are very mysterious. The students are confident, and many of them are domineering. There are even many people with complex family histories. It is not clear what type of employment they normal

<Game Function>
★This is a dating simulation game (Otome game) you can experience on your
Smart phone.
★The storyline will develop according to your choices in the game.
★The main character (girl) will have the name you input
★You can choose which character you want to have a relationship with
★You will receive a ticket every day for free to enjoy the game further on
★Play mini games (e.g. concentration memory games) and gain magic levels
★2 different missions
   - Increase of magic level will lead you to the next scenario
   - Collecting avatar costumes will lead you to the next scenario

<Avatar Function>

★Customize your avatar by changing facial features, costumes, and also by decorating your room
★Take a snapshot of your new outfit with your decorated room and share it with your friends to “like” – the number of “likes” you receive will be ranked!
★Enjoy hanging out with your friends by visiting their rooms
★Every play you gain points to play Gacha – You can win new “kawaii” costumes and furniture
★There will be events every month and you will be able to experience a new scenario and a special Gacha

◆Release: 2015, Spring
◆Designed for: Smartphone application(IOS/Android)
◆Language: Japanese/English (Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese: Only if we can afford it via stretch goals)
◆DL: Free(In application purchase)

KOYONPLETE has started uploading a new visual novel application for otomes, pursuing our desire that says, “we want to create the kingdom of dreams and magic for otomes!”
With only a few members and only short story scenarios, we were frustrated that we could only come up with applications that would be finished so quickly. Three years after our start up, our number peers with whom we create otome games has grown steadily!
We now have an engineering teams, directing teams, and etc. This time, with a team of six, we have now got to a point where we can maintain a cute and game with avatars, capsule-vending, events, and mini-games, a completely new start for KOYONPLETE.
The directing is mainly handled by three girls. The illustration is done by an illustrator who is also active in Pixiv and draws magnificently as if her works were jewelry. They have played extensively every kind of otome game in Japan and will deliver an otome game that is truly enjoyable for the user all over the world.
The setting of the game is an academy of magic. Hasn't everyone wanted to try using magic, casting a staff?
The heroine is you.
Having extremely strong powers, you can use magic but you know not whether it is light or dark. Within that situation, the heroine will meet wonderful friends and companions, whilst coming face to face with her true self. Your companions are all wonderful boys each with their own unique characteristics, sprouting friendship and love rapidly between you.
The first story that everyone can enjoy, about the length of a paperback, is that of a world of a magnificent magic academy. Within that story you have an avatar that is the image of you, allowing you to decorate and dress up all you want. You can collect magical items as well!
It has been made so that the more you play, even if it's free, you can enjoy the game endlessly. Because that's the wish of the three directors of KOYONPLETE.
From there on the engineering team will realize an even greater system. Every month new in depth stories and missions, mini-games, gorgeous outfits, and cute magical items will be sent in addition. Customize your avatar magnificently. Take snap shots, interact with friends, strengthen your magic, and enjoy new developments with boys you become friends with.
You will realize that you had been woven into the grand magical world of light and dark without knowing it.
We are now setting up the Japanese version. We are preparing to upload it by valentine's day next year. We are preparing the English version in tandem, but this requires an amount of translation and localization that KOYONPLETE has never had to do before.
We want to enjoy the magic academy with everyone forever. Please let us upload the English version as well.
Therefore we are recruiting friends that would enjoy the world of otome with us, please let us KOYONPLETE provide a real otome game to everyone in the world.
And please become our member.
Welcome to the kingdom of dreams and magic for otomes! Thank you and please help us take up our cause. 

If you use an Android phone and planning to contribute this perk, please contact us from here -Contact

日本語 <Japanese>

前 作、"寿司擬人化"をテーマにした"へい!恋愛一丁!"は日本だけでなく、全世界の乙女から大きな反響を呼び、当社のFacebookページは38万いい ねを超える盛り上がりとなりました。当社が開発したビジュアルノベルアプリは累計700万DLを超え、今後も更なる市場拡大が期待されています。


Allie Quilter/アリー クィルター(名前変更可能)

Cyril Posford/シリル ポスフォード

Marius Beaven/マリウス ビーヴァン

Victor Rubens/ヴィクター ルーベンス

Lloyd Nutley/ロイド ナトリー



・好きなキャラを選んで恋をできます。・チケットが毎日配布されて無料でゲームを読み進める事ができます・ミッション2種類。  ☆魔力があがると次のシナリオがよめます。 ☆ アバターの洋服等をあつめると次のシナリオがよめます。・シナリオの中の選択肢を選択していく事でエンディングが変わります。


◆配信開始時期 2015年春予定
◆配信形態 スマートフォンアプリ(App Store/Google Play)
◆配信言語 日本語/英語/(ストレッチゴール達成時/中国語:繁体語・簡体語)
◆アプリ内課金 基本プレイ無料(アプリ内課金有)

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