Sorry for the inconvenience...

Sorry for the delay in updating walthrough's and the extra scene's.

While on my way home taking the chance to explain the reason why we have been a bit late to update.

Miss Aya had a family emergency, her grandma is greatly ill due to severe lung problems. 

She is the only that has the extra scene videos!!! >-< Sorry!!

Also on Miss Aya's Birthday, we were not being mean for not sending her warm birthday wishes, but due to the situation, it do not seem to be the right thing to due, but she does thank you all, for the nice msg's on her birthday!! (^-^)p  

Miss Aya is back from her long trip... she will start updating as soon as she catches up with school and work.

As for my part, my club has taken a lot of my time... sadly... and work... has been a bit of a pain... but will be over soon!!


Rene's and Edward's Walkthrough have been updated all the way to chapter's 6, we're currently in chapter 8... not to be rude but, we will update when we can! We do not update on a daily basis, only if we are able to. Please be mindful of our mini team! That is all that we ask!

--- Well that's all for now! Please keep Miss Aya in your prayers!

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