Metro PD: Close to You- Kyobashi Walkthrough


Kyobashi’s Main Story Walkthrough

Episode 1:

"That's true."
"Don't psychoanalyze me."

Episode 2:

"A discount? No can do."

Episode 3:

Shoot Him a Quizzical Look.

Episode 4:

"Well, we are partners."
"He's not my type."

Episode 5:

Look at Kyobashi.
Laugh and try to hide the truth.

Episode 6:

"Come back soon."
"I like it."

Episode 7:

"I came for work."
Watch a DVD.

Episode 8:

Cover my ears.

Episode 9:

"I'm not hungry."
"I'm sorry."

Episode 10:

Deny it.

Episode 11:

Stay silent.
"We’re going to close this case!"

Episode 12:

Stick together.
"Don’t touch me!"

Episode 13:

Say, “Yes.”
He asked me to go to 2nd unit.

Episode 14: 

"Not Yet."
"You’re being selfish!"

Episode 15:

Happy Ending

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