New! Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale

Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale

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Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - screenshot 

Here is the link for Google Play!

Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - screenshot 

Here is the link for Google Play!

Here is the link for Google Play!


Got taken by the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland――then you became the queen of the fairy tale world!
The forbidden lovegame with seven princes from fairy tales has finally been released!
As the queen of the fairy tale world,you open the forbidden door to rescue the world――
The shocking ending is waiting for you――!?
Before the due date of tasks, you were so tired and nodding in the office. All at once a white rabbit appeared in front of you!
The rabbit took the document there and then started to run away.
Then you were running after the rabbit and after you got out from the office, you were suddenly fallen into the mysterious black ground……。
When you woke up, you realized where you were was a castle!?
As a queen of the fairy tale world, you were proposed by the seven princes――!?
In confusion, you would have to choose one prince to become your partner and also the king of the fairy tale world――

【The handsome princes who will be the fiance of you】

In the Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale, the seven princes from the famous fairy tales showed up!

Albert(The classic prince from Cinderella)

"I would like to be with you forever. Can I hope this...?"

Luca(The forceful prince from Little Red Riding Hood)

"I told you that I fell in love with you at first sight, didn't I? so I won't let you go to other princes."

Leonhardt(The cool prince from Beauty and the Beast)

"Don't touch me too much, I might be under an illusion……"

Ferris(The self-centered prince from Sleeping Beauty)

"Don't forget that from the moment when I met you for the first time, you belong to me."

Elio(The tender prince from the Snow White)

"What do you want me to do for you? Well, OK, I'll love you more"

Silvio(The very sadistic prince from the Blue Kingdom)

"What a nice reaction. Queen, I feel like I really want to……harass you"

Kite(The hot&cold prince from the Snow Kingdom)

"If I was your lover, would you depend on me……?"

Harold(The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland)

"Tell me anything. I am here for you."

The splendor lovedating game on the fairy tale world with lots of handsome characters!

【New features: Free fortune teller everyday】

Go to [Menu>My Data] and register your birthday then you can see the free horoscope fortune teller everyday.
Check the fortune of the day which the prince tells you.
By registering your birthday, you can get the special message from the prince of fairy tale in your birthday!
The horoscope fortune teller shows the ranking of the day's fortune for the 12 astrology, total fortune, work fortune and love fortune! Moreover, the lucky color and item of the day.

【The system of love♥dating game】

It's simple even though you are playing this for the first time!
Use the story tickets which will be provided everyday, and progress the story. You can progress five stories per day.
Moreover, by login everyday, you can get useful items for progressing the game!
If you faced with a Love Mission in the middle of the story, co-operate with your friends and do the Love Lesson then gather&save the Elegance points!
This love♥dating game has lots of events, cute and lovely avatars so you can play with them as well! As a princess, dress up and get more and more friends. The Limited-time offer event provides special stories and luxurious avatars!
Not only the princess avatar, but also you can play with the prince avatar!

Basically, it is a free game. However, there will be some  (LOL) charged  items which will help you to progress the story smooth.


Stupid MC! Of course he CAN talk since he is a rabbit! DUH!

Here is the link for Google Play!

 Routes currently available:

Reminds me of Ikuto... only Luca is a wolf. ^o^/

Here is the link for Google Play!

Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale - screenshot

I DO Believe YOU!!!!

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