Kissed By the Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh, Now Available!!!!


Kissed by the Baddest Bidder- Soryu Oh: Season 2

Now Available!! (*≧∀≦)ゞ
*Screaming w/ joy right now!!*

Next is the mobster, Soryu Oh!

Soryu Oh has come to Dubai to expand the Ice Dragons into the Middle East, but it seems that someone is sabotaging their deals from within! During an exchange of "goods" they are raided by the police and the package goes missing! Will you be able to save Soryu and the Ice Dragons from the traitor?

Coming Soon:

Eisuke & Soryu Season 2 Epilogues!
LOL! Soryu you just made my day!!
Is Hikaru, the mad hatter auctioneer???!!
Or I could be wrong... or am I!!!
 Lucky Mami i playing the Gree version!!!


Eisuke, you just make me laugh!


SO TRUE!! What's MC'c SECRET??!
Soryu's Home is Awesome!!!

Is that a Porsche I see?!




  1. HAHAHA! You should just get the game!!! Just get even more addicted Like I am!! Sadly have to wait for my pay check this weekend!! Wasted it on Eisuke's route and PIL game!!

    I'm not to fond of his bedroom in my opinion... i prefer season 1!

    1. NOOOO!
      I want too!! But I'm so busy already feel like I will never drop my phone and never go to sleep!!

      I love Soryu's home, it's nice! Your right I prefer, Season 1's bedroom...
      hmm... i just buy the Google card, darn forgot what it was called, and that's the only amt I can use. if not I will go in debt w/ the credit card!!

      i have all the PIL routes. Eisuke's route was ok, he was very sweet!! Looking fwd for the cute ambassador... he is a lot sweeter than Eisuke.. or at least I think so...
      Cannot wait for OTA & MAMO!!!
      ... Hikaru do you think he is the Auctioneer!!??

    2. Still can't fix my LINE APP, it wont send anything!!

      I'm such an addict, well I played the game with my friend and got the good ending... now I feel as if I'm not compatible... well now i'm just picking the choices that I want... and not the choices that I think it's right... since apparently i'm wrong either way!!

      who knows.... LOL!

      hey dontcha feel like Voltage has been updating pretty fast recently... like it was not that long ago since they updated KBTBB... or em i over thinking it....

      i should buy a card instead.... but voltage and all of the other games keep adding stuff... i'm actually neglecting other games just to catch up on all the updates!

      Eisuke was adorable!!! Why can't I marry someone like him!!!

      Cannot wait for BABA!!! His adorable!!

      Plus I would like to see everyone's home!! Maybe I can get an Idea for my future home!!

    3. Try installing it again or restart your phone.

      Your so silly!!
      That is a brilliant Idea!! Though I doubt it would be that huge... LOL!

      LOL! I had happy ending on my first try, but never wrote down what i picked, now i'm l have replay the route again to make the walkthrough. WHOOPS!

      No I think Voltage saw that there's a lot of profit... there are alot of international fans out there, so if they stop updating no more money... well I at least think that... I mean they are updating fast, at least faster than before... Finally they updated, 10 DWMD, they took forever!!

    4. I was wondering, why comments kept coming in!? My phone kept beeping. ^-^

      Why was I not informed about this!! Darn! Left my bloody tablet at home!! Now have to be a good girl and wait..... maybe!

      Mami, I have not spoken to you in so long how are you!!! No wonder you never replied to my msg's!! >_<

      Aya, your freakin house is similar to Soryu's just small scale.

      So... I'm guessing after the epilogue it's when Baba's route will come out, probably in November... maybe on my birthday!!

      Eisuke was the BEST!!! HE IS THE BEST!!!

      Though have to admit, my hubby is more like Baba.

      Voltage+World= $$$

    5. Oh I just had another of my brilliant ideas!!
      POP QUIZ!!

      You know how we always ask ourselves who do we like better? Or who are we more compatible with?

      Well how about, in KBTBB characters who are you more similar, personality wise. I know they are rich blah blah blah. Don't give that excuse, like think about it? Or has someone asked already??!

    6. Hi Miss Chel, it has been quite a while. Yes, for some reason have technical problems. I'm not sure what's wrong with it. I just updated my phone, and for some reason it's not only LINE but all the messaging apps are weird, like i can see i have msgs but i cannot reply. WEIRD!

      Patience is Key I also have to wait in order to purchase it. Though had the opportunity to play with my friend!

      No, I don't believe anyone has asked that question....

      from all the guys... I would probably pick.... Mamo.... I'm a bit lazy... but when the time comes, i always work hard and give it my all.

    7. As for me it would probably be.... Eisuke!

      I'm so like him... i feel bad for my hubby at times. but maybe because everyone always tries to push me down, or thinks just because i'm a blonde and i love my shopping that means i'm an idiot... they should not underestimate me. LOL! But if they do, that just makes it more exciting in life.

    8. Crazy as ever Chel!

      Hmmm... but good question!

      I would have to say Ota, since everyone always thinks I'm a goody goody 24/7; which clearly is not always the case, i mean if you ask my parents, or anyone really close to me will clearly tell you that's not the case though sometimes they are to sincere in describing my personality.... 'cold person' seems so mean! though very true! Not the most affectionate person in the world, yet i like the people to pay attention to me.... LOL!

    9. We just had a long conversation!!!
      Well I have to go, hope to chat with you all soon! Will email you what i have to help you update the walthrough's. Thanks for the warm wishes! Grandma is doing a whole lot better she is not out of the danger zone yet, but she is looking a whole lot better!
      I think baba's will probably more likely come out in November, i bet!
      Well Mami, good luck with the blog, txt me if you need anything!

      Chel check your email and read my paper please!!

    10. You two are always full of energy, I'm glad. You two seemed to be having trouble since the start of fall. I am glad everything is turning out well Miss Aya, will keep you and your family in my prayers.
      No worries, will look it over.
      I must go as well, all my classes are done for the day, have to take the train and get to work... such a pain!!
      why did i have to grow up!!

      It was a fun interesting topic!!
      - Bye Bye

      Have you finished with crating the tumblr profile??