New Video's ADDED

Many of you might have noticed that, I have FINALLY added some of the extra scene videos on YouTube. Sorry it took me longer than I anticipated especially since most of the videos would record, yet an error would occur, or it finally recorded, yet there was an error while uploading it on YouTube, and have re-record it all over again... which just makes me not want to record anything all over again.
Why so many ERRORS!?!?
But also had to replay a few routes that I had finished long ago, remember, I lost my phone so had to redo everything and waste more money on the game. Have no regrets though!!

So if no errors occur which hopefully does not happen!!
The following list are the Extra Video's that have been added or will be added. Age restriction has been added! Some of the titles I have added the links for all of the extra scenes.
  • Love Legend of Sengoku: Masamune Extra Video's 4-8
  • Arabian Nights Desert Heat Love: Bathtub Harem Gacha (Kamil, Mubarak, Radwan)
  • Arabian Nights Desert Heat Love: Radwan Extra Scene 2-8 *Need to recount*
  • Arabian Nights Desert Heat Love: Kamil Extra Scenes (Request) 
  • Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale: Luca: 2-5
  • Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale: Leonhardt  (Lessons of Seduction)
  • Bidding for Love: Takato Extra Scenes 4-5?*Need to finish chapter! SORRY!*
  • If they are not on my list, then they have already been added on YouTube by someone else.
Anyway if you are still not able to find the video's then just wait a while since they are being edited out too. Patience is Key! Then again you probably waited FOREVER!!
So doing my best to add them as best I can.
Now will be restarting Masamune's since apparently it did not add.
If you are looking for a specific scene and it's not on my list and not on Youtube then add a comment below. Will try and see if I already have it or if I have to replay the route in order to acquire the scene. So if that's the case it might take a while.

Anyway enjoy!

 Masamune Extra 4, the rest are on YouTube!

Arabian Nights Desert Heat Love: Bathtub of Harem (Gacha) Kamil

 Bidding For Love: Takato Extra Scene 4

Once Upon A Fairy Love Tale: Luca (2)

Again the rest of the videos should be on YouTube, if not one of the following situations must have happened: either an error occurred, then I have to redo it, it's still uploading or being edited, or I have not progressed to far in the story to add the next extra scene!
So have patience with me. Hopefully you are happy with some of the videos.

- Aya

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  1. Could you add Kamil's Extra Scenes besides Radwan's!!