My Ideal Weight

Hello everyone!

Today's topic is my adventure in getting my 'Ideal Weight' back.

 A have received a few emails asking me on my adventure in loosing weight and secret tips.

Honestly no huge secret really, I did not change my diet at all, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want but, I simply exercised more.
My Personal Ideal Weight: 110-114lbs (nothing lower).

Would wake up at 5:00a.m to 6:45am. would run 10K every weekday with pumped up music. Since I have classes at 8:30a.m. If I got home early after work around 10p.m. Would run at least 5K on the treadmill. My bf and I later joined a martial arts class, felt super nostalgic, it was like I was back in middle school! Also drank lots and lots of water. When I started drinking more water I actually felt that I lost weight faster.
So secret tricks... none really. Just go outside and exercise, I think that's ideally the best solution, and stay focused and strong and never waver from your goal, and pump yourself up with awesome music!!!
Of course never go overboard, and never lose too much weight. My boyfriend always points out, if my bones ever show, he will leave me, guess it's just his way of saying don't get too skinny to the point that he sees my bones... I think. My bf, is pretty blunt, but he cares for me and my health.

Anyway, so Tips...
  • Drink plenty of water. No Sodas (avoid at all costs).
  • Be persistent, and realistic and motivate yourself!
  • Figure out you BMI, since everyone is different, depending on your frame and height and even ethnic differences. (Ethnicity can play a part since the chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other weight-related health risks increases with increasing BMI; these health risks are markedly higher in some ethnic groups than others.).
    • For my small frame and height, it's 108 -115 lbs.
  • Buy something that you would like to wear but in smaller size, in order to motivate yourself.
  • Run or walk or crawl at least 30 minutes everyday.
  • Eat carrots, apples, cucumbers with lemon juice as a snack. (highly recommend).
  • Have a exercise buddy! 
  • Write down your goal for every week. 
    • Example for me: Every week i would say that would at least lose 1Kg. (2 lbs)! Instead of saying I will lose 10 lbs in one week!
  • Lastly, have breaks! Go crazy and eat whatever you want every once in a while. I mean you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise.

Finally after 4 longs months I have finally lost 9Kg (21lbs)! Finally back at 51.7Kg (114lbs)! I really did gain a whole bunch during the holidays. A bit too much, my bf, was very supportive in helping me lose weight, though he was super strict and scary, felt like crying at times. In the end it was worth it!! Especially since none of my clothes fitted and I did not want to buy new clothes, was determined that I would wear all my cute clothes, especially since my bf would buy me cute clothes that was my old size even though he knew they would not fit. Finally they fit! HAHAHAHA!

Hope maybe I helped somewhat answer some of your questions. Sorry if I was too persistent with exercise is the only solution, in reality it isn't. I'm sure a change in a diet helps a bunch just do not go over board. Like eating lettuce soup only, or having one meal a day, or strictly eating less than 700- 500 calories a day. That's dangerous!! Also some might eat but then vomit after eating, it will definitely stop your caloric intake, which will result in weight loss, but there are consequences!! Please don't even consider trying it. Throwing up will allow you to lose a fair amount of weight but it rots your teeth. Also after throwing up many times it start to take a toll on your throat, this can be dangerous. Please don't try this, it is a very stupid thing to do!!! If you know who is like this please stop them and seek professional help for them. This can all lead to BULIMIA!!

So hope this post somewhat helped.
Best of luck to all of you!!
Stay safe, and study hard for finals or have an awesome day at home/work!

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