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Asahi Walkthrough: SHE

I only got FOUR Secret Stories cannot figure out the LAST one. Voltage is being dumb have played this route over and over! So if you figured it out please do let me know!! 
This walkthrough is only how to get SHE... still trying to figure out the secret stories! So my walkthrough might change again and again...

After a while I forgot to add if it was A, B, C. Since I keep changing my answers... this has not been finalized... still figuring it out. So someone might have a better walthrough. You have been warned!

Main Story Walkthrough

Episode 1:
A. You can’t boss me around like this!
B. Get out!

Episode 2:
C. Maybe, Maybe not…
C. You’re actually a pretty good driver!
~**Secret Story 1**~

Episode 3:
B. Glare at him.

B. He came and asked to see me.

Episode 4:
B. Yes, problem! No way I’m going!!
C. Just say hi.

Episode 5:

A. What was that all about?
A. He’s a regular at the bar.
~**Secret Story 2**~

MC and Kuni are married and a baby boy!!

Episode 6:
C. Maybe just a quick peek…
A. Why don’t we go get something to eat?

Episode 7:

C. I hope we meet again.
A. Snatch them up.

~**Secret Story 3**~

Episode 8:
A. I only helped someone in need.
B. It’s no fun to ride by myself.

Episode 9:
B. Sounds like fun, I guess…
B. You should thank them.
~**Secret Story 4**~

Episode 10:
A. I’m just happy.
C. Greet him with a smile.

Episode 11:
C. … I can’t talk about it now.
B. So even now you still treat me like a dog?

Episode 12:
B. It’s not too late.
C. I keep crying and I can’t control it.

Episode 13:
We should have gotten another character pick, than a sub story!!!


  1. I finally got 4 secret endings... but i don't know what i picked!! Will try to retrace my steps and will let you know. Thank you for the walthrough now I have SHE!!

  2. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Aya you are the best I only had HE all the time!!! And no Secret endings. Plus maybe writing them down will help me organize myself!!

    Love ya so much!

  4. I was wondering if you could help clarify something about the secret stories. If you have gotten the secret stories 1-4 and completed the story does that mean that you need to change an answer in chapters 10-12, or is it possible that there is an error in an earlier chapter? I've wondered about this in the Her Love in the Force stories too, but Voltage always tells me they can't answer that question. Thanks a head of time..

    1. Honestly we are not sure, we assume that it's between the last 3 chapters (10-12). We have already tried a ton of combinations, but as of yet nothing. Well honestly, we have not tried again, we kinda got annoyed by the game, but will try again and see if we can finally get the last scene. Wish you the best of luck!