My Wedding and 7 Rings

For some weird reason Voltage keeps adding new games back to back, and adding new routes in a very short period of time. Personally I would of preferred if they updated all of the old games first, before adding another game, I'm still freakin waiting for the continuation of Serendipity Next Door and other older games. but, instead Voltage inc. decides to add new games and stories, they sure know how to make us fans go crazy, and waste our money, and probably even go in debt just because we need more games!!
'Dear Voltage, let my savings go up a little bit won't ya?! I definitely want all those handsome men and their epic stories, but you have to consider my precious money too! Money don't grow on trees!!'- Aya

'My Wedding and 7 Rings'

"You became the president of the company... The worst marriage game ever?!
You wish of a happy marriage, and work in a normal OL Company. Suddenly, a group of elite men asks for your hand in marriage..?!
One by one, they aim to seduce you.. To get you to marry them, and be the president of the company.
"I don't want a marriage without love." Is what I thought until now..
The fated love begins with the marriage game..."
Voltage Official
Prologue Summary: You work in an ordinary OL company. When suddenly, the CEO, who turns out to be your grandfather, passes away. He chose seven elite men for you to choose. The one you choose will become your husband, that is the only way to become the new successor of the company and save everyone else from loosing their jobs and you going onto debt.

... So what do you think of the new game??

In my opinion... as you all know Ren and Yamato are also in this new game, but somehow it feel they are cheating on me. Plus why add old characters they should have come up with new ones!!!! But whatever... will just delete MFW from my head and move on. 
So I played the prologue... thought it was okay. Will I get the game... you bet I will!
Have not gotten Star Crossed Myth or Revance.. Though have played the game with my friends... it did not catch my attention as much. Guess godly and boy bands are not my favs. Don't get me wrong, Kyo is awesome and did love his story... but not to the point that I wanted to purchase his route. Though it almost made me cry same with Scorpio's route. Do I recommend the games yeah they are both interesting and fun... only I was just not too interested in the theme i guess.

Anyway back to the new game...

Old characters = Childhood friends. 

Makes you wonder why would the MC pick total strangers when you have two hot friends that were with you during hard times like your parents death but instead you pick random strangers that clearly dislike you or are taking advantage of the situation. (Can't blame them though.) Way to go MC way to GO!  

Well let's not focus too much on the details.
Seems to me that Yamato and Asahi will be rivals. They almost seem similar in personalities. 

Routes that I would LOVE to play are Seiichiro Hayami!!!  He seems mysterious and fun, always seems to have everything planned out. As for the rest of the characters... they all seem interesting so really looking forward in playing the new game! 

So what do you think...
  • Will this game be a disappointment?
  • Who do you think will be the first playable character?
  • If you get to pick one guy out of the seven who would you pick?
  • Will you purchase the game?
  • Is Voltage making you run out of money?
  • Do you want Voltage to update the older games instead of adding new games?
Let me know by adding a comment!
Release date is still not known I think... but I'm guessing it's sooner than later. The earliest would probably be around April, but guess we have to wait and see... especially since I need to save up on some money!!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe week!


  1. Voltage has been updating rather fast lately...
    I'm actually looking forward for Kai Fujisawa... he kinda reminds me of Kuni from MFW only young version. Also I love my adorable REN!!!

    About Yamato and Ren... I totally agree I think they just might have ran out of ideas/ the audience in Japan requested/demaded to be added in a different game.

    Like Goto and Ishigami... I prefer the new game since I didn't like the MC... the whole president's daughter... if she was an ordinary girl than maybe but that's just me.

    I think Asahi will be the first playable character if not then Yamato. One of them two since they seem to be the main guys. Will definitely get the game when available though.

  2. They have alreaady new games in Japan too, one with a lot of butlers in it. Plus I feel like the prices are getting higher or not higher but the stories are less for 3.99.
    Not sure if that makes sense.

    I'm actually looking forward for Asahi... I always love my arrogant bad boys lol!
    Was never a huge fan of Ren And Yamato. Love Akihito and Yuta!

    Wish they would update PIL and SITSN!

  3. Looking foward for Asahi and Yamato... wonder how their rivalry will be like. Since they are both clearly almost the same arrogant character. Though I feel Asahi is more intense than Yamato... or it could be since i have played his route he is adorable to me.

    But really looking forward for the new game!

    Love the music btw!

  4. Did anyone have trouble with the prologue... since I did now sure if it was a glitch or what... but I could not play all the way through it just went blank...

  5. Aya I think some of the older games aren't making much sales for Voltage which is why they are constantly releasing new games. It's kinda sad because some of the older games looked really good. Yes I am concerned too about my spending on the games cause it does add up. This is why I'm stopping on my purchases entirely for a few months to control my spending.

  6. I agree about the need to update their older games. I NEED season 3 Jinpachi for Serendipity Next Door. You can't just allude to the idea of Jinpachi proposing to MC and stop updating!

    I will download this new game and buy the routes. I've spent more than I care to admit on Voltage games though. I've played each one released in English.

    The first playable character is almost always the egotistical jerk. And what do you know? It's the egotistical Asashi!

    I'm not a fan of Star-Crossed Myth. I just want Huedhaut's route released because it seems he and MC have a "past" and he likes her and I am allll for that unrequited love/childhood friends turned lovers sort of thing. Revance isn't that bad. I actually really enjoy the music video and radio talk show extras they have. Each character has a distinct voice too (I'm pretty sure) so each member doesn't sound exactly the same.

    But seriously, they have a lot of old fans waiting for updates on their older games. Whatever happened to Office Secrets? A few of the handful of characters get proposal and wedding sequels while the others are left in the dust. So many unfinished story arcs.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I Agree with you. Love Jinpachi too. Seriously mad the are no updates on the old games.

      Asahi purchased his route... was kinda bored to be honest was expecting something more dramatic...

      Revance is not bad... love each of the guy's stories but not enough to purchase it. Guess not a fan of boy bands maybe.... same with star crossed myth... and yes I did hear about Hue... though have to admit if Hue was MC's lover or old lover... it sucks to see her picking another guy... while you are forgotten... poor him!!

      Either way looking forward to what Voltage has in the future for all of their games. hopefully updates.

  7. i already started playing the first character but it is so hard to get the secret stories �� so sad...

    1. I know what you mean!!! Totally agree with you!!

  8. Will someone please tell me why I can only play Ashai? I really really really want to play Yamato's story, but the only available one is Ashai. Does anyone know when the stories will be available? I'm dying over here waiting.

  9. Oh, I totally did just picked Seiichirou Hayami in a heartbeat! He's perfect. And he reminds me of my beloved Kyouya Outori so much. Too much so. Yes, voltage is running my bank account down waaayyyy too fast. Anyway, since Seiichirou's route is not available, I purchased Asahi's to see the quality. The plot gels well, but I guess once you've read through more than half the voltage guys, you'll start to see more of a pattern everything gets abit cliché. Moreover, it's like you'll end up happy with the guy no matter what answer you choose. Of course that's nice, but it's also abit...dull.

    Which is why I would also recommend apps like Kissed by the Baddest Bidder or Metro PD. The former has a collection of bad boys (but they're not bad people) who runs a secret auction, and one of them, Ota Kisaki, really stood out, though my favourite is Soryu Oh. The latter is obviously a police story, but it's not so predictable...though I admit it's sometimes frustrating to try to figure out the right answers to things.

  10. Hello... i want to ask you, are you record the game like some people? thanks for reply ��