Drug Prince And Narcotic Girl

Recently have not posted anything new lately since... well I was rather bored of the games from OKKO. Since I had to restart all of the games due to losing my phone and then finding out theirs a new app where they will add new characters and a new season to the old characters. That just frustrated me. So I moved on to Voltage games. Can't complain, keeps entertained, though have to admit, darn I'm wasting money!!!! Anyway... moving on. New game that did catch my eye recently after watching a few intro's on YouTube for voltage, I stumbled on to this game.

Drug Prince & Narcotic Girl

Source and Screenshots from: ドラッグ王子とマトリ姫 -スマホ恋愛ゲーム-

Personally I am interested in: Aoyama, Imaoji, Seki.
Then again... Natsume, Watabe and Yui aren't bad either... though this might change after reading everyone's story when the game is released...

Has anyone noticed that the characters are always the same character types??

Will translate when I have time. For now just wrote a quick and small overview about the main characters and my first impression on them. The sub characters... will add them later... maybe.
If I made an error somewhere please do let me know or if you would like me to add something more to the description just add a comment.
Also the page is quite messy will fix it all in due time... also if you want more info visit their web site!
The game is not out yet... but you can reserve.
ドラッグ王子とマトリ姫 -スマホ恋愛ゲーム-

The Ace and a S.
 Super Ace-Itsuki Aoyama: 
Overly-self-confident, narcissistic, arrogant, is one of the top elites, and sadist... his kinda a pain the butt, but if you can deflect the insults and attitude, resist the urge to punch him in the face, in the end, I am sure we will find out all his insecurities and have him in on our control. XD

The Prince With a Hidden Secret
The Well-behaved Prince Haru Natsume:
He is sweet with a kind heart and respectable, always a gentlemen, only he is a actually an S. For some weird reason I am always attracted to these type of characters... not sure why?? Just by looking at the pictures and before reading anything about him he was my first choice.

The Reliable Boss
 Beast Daisuke Seki:
Is the ideal boss. I'm not sure if he supposed to be the older brother type of character, guess I have to wait and see. Anyway a 'tragedy' will stumble your way... He was my second choice; he gives me the impression that he might be the nice guy type who is strict at work but kind at home.

The Cold Researcher
Cold Natsume:
I wonder if he is going to be a Tsundere?? Either way I am so attracted to him not sure if it's because he is the megane type...

Gentle and Kind
Diplomat Satoru Watabe: 
A gentle and kind old man. (I don't think he is that old.) Joker; Part of the Investigation & Planning Division; with a mysterious life.

The Cool Genius
Mad scientist-Koutaro Yui:
The Scientist Genius and a Flirt. You must resist the mysterious temptation. I do like him... but he is not my top fav. Of course this might change after I read his story.

Looking forward to playing this game!!

Source and Screenshots from:
OMG!! Who do you pick!?
Always in the RAIN!!
Wonder how long it takes them to style their hair?
Aww... is he crying??
Nice he drives a Mercedes-Benz.
Will you be able to resist temptation? HELL NO!!


  1. Miss Aya!! I adore you and miss your postings!!!!

  2. Seems like an interesting game... will reserve the game for sure. I know a little bit of japanese, plus have a dictionary at hand!! Always helps learn a new language and be able to somewhat read stories.

    Yui is my pick he seems like the smart and seductive LOL! I'm such a perv!!

  3. I love it! 😍
    1. Becuz the i like the characters 😘
    2. The artist maybe the same as from KBTBB 😍❤️