Voltage Inc. March Releases!

Bad news is Midterms is just around the corner!! 
Good News is Spring Break is just around the corner too! 
Which means I will be running low on money again since a lot of stories are released during that time! 
Really looking forward to Shuichi's Route in KBTBB!! 
So if you are a Voltage fan, you should definitely keep reading this post. 
Also if you purchase a lot of games from Voltage, then I highly recommend you downloading Sweet Cafe. If you don't you can still download the game since there are 9 free mini stories, plus if you play the game from Sweet Cafe, you have the chance of winning free mini stories and pics. More info in the end of this post!
Looking forward for Iori's and Nozomu Route!

Also new game released recently: Scandal in The Spotlight. 

Pre-registration Campaign Special Image has been released!

~Sweet Cafe by Voltage~


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★Finally, in Love Again★
★My Forged Wedding★
★Dreamy Days in West Tokyo★
★Our Two Bedroom Story★
★First Love Diaries★
★Class Trip Crush★
★Metro PD: Close to You★
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★Be My Princess 2★
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~~~More exclusive stories coming out next week!~~~
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  1. Huge fan of KBTBB; especially OTA!!
    Nooo; I will be cheating for Shuichi!!!
    Thanks AYA!!! It's been awhile since you updated. Your blog is really entertaining!

  2. Thank you for the updates!