Drug Prince & Narcotic Princess Game Is OUT!

The game has finally been released! YAY! q(>_<)p
(Though it took a ton on my phone's memory....)

I have to admit was not a huge fan of some characters at first but I have changed my mind!!
  Here is just a few screenshots about the game. Just in case you are curious on how the game looks like. BTW, love the BGM!

I have no idea if this is a good disguise or not??!! But whatever kinda laughed a bit since they look a bit silly, but then again, they still look HOT! Even if it is a dumb half-mask! If it was me I would totally look like an idiot!

 For some reason now I like Yui.

 Waking up with this HOTTIE!!

 Only 2 Substories are out.

 These substories are not yet available.

Though still anticipating Shun's Route. It has yet to be released. 
Only 2 substories are out! POV is still not available. Have to admit I have already wasted more than $30 already...

Visit the website for more info @ ドラッグ王子とマトリ姫 -スマホ恋愛ゲーム-

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  1. When are they planing to release the English version of this game??