New Music Playlist

Our music playlist has been a huge hit on our blog!! 

Many of you, have expanded or how do you say; opened your minds to new music due to the playlist.
Miss Aya being in music, and working a lot with jazz is always exploring different songs, or going back in the past and bringing it some of it here. So it's always fun hearing new things. Especially when you are reading, I mean who likes to read in silence... (me sometimes!) But it depends on what is going on!


We have had positive comments on the music Miss Aya has picked, some us have received msgs asking if we have recently updated the song playlist or if it is the same.

The playlist is updated!!

The old songs are still there, the only difference is that she tried to make the songs kinda not jump each other, not sure if I am making sense myself. Like flow in, not trying to kill the mood, maybe. XD

Either way she has added new songs in the playlist, since a few of you have sent her personal msgs asking her if she may expand the music playlist; since some you also use the music playlist to do various task like work or homework or even have a romantic dinner!? (THAT'S Awesome!) with the music on our blog. She has taken the task, and has added a few more jazz here and there, (which btw not all the songs are jazz). She hopes it is to your liking and we hope you continue to enjoy reading our post and listening to the music playlist on Talk About Random!

Remember you can +/- the volume on the bar below or change or replay the song, click the bottom right corner to see the music playlist, again we hope you enjoy! If you have any suggestions leave a comment below or if you would like us to remove a specific song leave a comment. Please be nice!
Happy Meals to All!

Cheers!- Mami

We are not sure where to download the music unfortunately, but it is on itunes and amazon!


  1. Love the SAX!!
    Also Tears of the Ocean!!

    I actually make dinner or do my makeup with your blogs music!
    Makes me feel sexier! LOL!
    I've even had the guts to tell my husband for us to go out on a date and have a fancy meal and FORMAL!! We usually have a normal routine date, my life was routine you know!
    I've wanted to open myself and see a new me!!
    Then with the games, it kinda makes me like me again. Boost my self esteem.

    Listening to regular music is fine and all but sometimes calming or sensual music really makes you think or at least for me it has.

    Aya you are the best and your team!!!

    Love the new playlist!

  2. Thanks for the music!