Extra Scenario Finally Being Added


After a long wait... FINALLY!! 

Extra Scene's will be ADDED in the next 24 hours!

We will be adding the extra scenarios to the following games. Now be aware that we will not be adding all of the extra scenes to that particular game maybe one or four, but we will complete it by the end of this month! OFFICIALLY! Royal Wedding Sequel, we do have the extra scenes, but will finish first with season one. The following list are the extra scene's that will be added in the next 12-24 hours, or as soon as we are done uploading (Since uploading 10 videos makes my phone die) and editing out a few things. Also, will start with the scenes that I have been postponing FOREVER... and hopefully be done with it. If you have any requests, please leave a comment! Links are available next to the title.

Now here is the LIST we are PLANNING to ADD by the END of the MONTH! Bidding for Love, I know they have the extra scenarios out already... but apparently they have the whole chapter together not just the extra... if that makes sense, so we are still deciding if to add or not. For sure Takato since no one has done his.

  • Bidding for Love- Kyo and Kairi
  • Arabian Nights: Desert Heat Love: the Three Brothers
    • Maybe not Mubarak again same reason as Kyo and Kairi
  • Lost my paper with my LIST... will update once I find it. 

Also besides being busy with mainly work... I was reported due to a complaint by a user, I got off the hook... since I did add age restriction... but if I get another bad report; I will be removing all my vids... since I do not wish for my YouTube acct to be removed. Hope you all understand!


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  1. YES YES YES!!!!

    I LOVE U AYA!!!

    I wanted Shinobu so bad!!