New!!: Forbidden Romance: Office Lovers Available

Had a few msg's to make a post on this game so I have! It is now available in English a year later!
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Forbidden Romance:Office lovers

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- What is Office lovers?
It's a romance game where you can experience the thrill of an office romance where you have to keep your relationship secret. What will happen when you're alone with him in the conference room?

- What's the story?
You are an employee at a major cosmetics company, and you just got selected to be a member of a team in charge of developing a new product in time for Christmas. While working together with your co-workers on the project, they also help you learn things about yourself...

- Who are the characters?
Kunizu Mahiro: A designer who joined the company at the same time as you. Always smiling, but aggressive when it comes to love.

Kaido Ryo: A hotshot from the PR department. Takes his job seriously, but also has a sadistic side.

Saijo Sadayoshi: Used to be your boss when you worked in sales. Gets very jealous and possessive.

Hyoga Akihito: Head of the development department. A team leader, but also the quiet, mysterious type.

Otori Haruyuki: The young CEO of the company you work at. Smart and calculating.

Here is a video of the game (it is in JP! but to give you an idea of the game!). Highly recommend the game after the bunch of msgs on this game!

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