Finally, in Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi Walkthrough

Finally, In Love Again

Shuichiro Momoi Walkthrough

Main Story

Episode 1

Go ahead and climb on.
Call him Momoi.

Episode 2

This is coming from the 'Prince of Pastry'?
Maybe I'll enter.

Episode 3

Stare back at him.
N-No I wasn't!

Episode 4

That's too embarrassing...
Well are you afraid of you'll fall for me?

Episode 5

Poke Momo in the side.
Mr.Kitahata is amazing, huh.

Episode 6

I like Gibli too.
You never stop joking around, huh?

Episode 7

Of course n...
Well, it was for the contest.

Episode 8

You don't have to get so angry.
Does that bother you?

Episode 9

I'm a little concerned.
Ask him where he's going.

Episode 10

Fake like you think it's funny.
I have the rough design sketch of that cake.

Episode 11

I want to make this cake with you.
Kiss him.

Episode 12

What are you talking about?
Look at Momo.

Happy End!


  1. Question. I have a message from him. I was wondering where can I read his message in Finally, in love again?

    1. You mean the email he sends? If that's your question, then remember when the game asked for your email address in the beginning, that's how you receive his messages. You have to give Voltage your email in order to receive the messages.

      Unless you mean something else, like if they can post the messages on their blog... If not..

      Sorry I don't understand your question! XD

      Maybe they can answer better than I can!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yup that's correct :)
      He sends me an email. Everything you said I did put my email address. I got his message today. That's why I was wondering where can I read his email that he sends to me. So can you please tell me where can I read his letter?