New Team Member!!!

New author Miss Emily!!

We have a new member in our team, she will be helping us update walkthrough's!! Which is good since school either has started or is about to start, and work becomes a bit chaotic during the fall, at least for me, that is. But we will be able to still help out with our new team player! Please be nice everyone!! 
Remember you can always send us a msg.

10 Days with My Devil  

'5 Days a Human' Feat. Haruito and Satoru Sub-story Out Now!

What happens when these guys are unable to use their powers for 5 days? If they use their powers at any point they fail their training…can you keep yourself from activating them??


  1. YAY!! Thankss for all that you do!!

  2. Hi Emily, and thanks for the hard work!!

    BTW!! Love Haruito!!!

  3. Congrats for the new team member!!