My Sweet Proposal: How to get Proposal/Premium Ending?

For my Sweet Proposal or Cinderella Contract!

If you do not have Platinum the only way to get the Proposal/Premium End is to use Wedding Room GACHA!!! 

Until it reaches all the way to the end again this also applies for Contract Marriage. If you need to delete items from the other rival do it!!! Less pts for him, and more possible in getting the best ending.

Do not get ahead of yourself, and just stick with the normal happy end. Unless you just want to get it done with.

Now how do I get Gacha pts. Attendance!!! That or and event!! So make sure to check that out!!! Plus you get a free chance to spin the gacha once a day. Yeah it sucks if you get something you don't want or need. Patience is Key!!!

Hope this answers everyone's question!!- Mami


  1. If i have for example 2 pants (3 afecction points per one), should I delete one pants or a clock with1 affection point?

    1. Yes, you have the right idea, just make sure its the right character.

      I always delete the characters items of the one I am not chasing after. And only keep the ones of the character that I do need. That way I can get more clothes= more points.

      Hopefully I made some sense, but you have the right idea. Good luck!