It's Our Secret: Second Story Walkthrough

Hello everyone, sorry the updating is taking sometime. Good news is, I have been working on 'It's our Secret: Story 2', for some time now I just never had the chance to actually post it up. 

Also sorry for any errors on some walkthrough's we are trying to fix does when we have the chance. 

Also if you have not notice in  'It's our Secret'; there is a limited time story! Which will close on April 10. It does not require any tickets to progress. Only capsule points or coins! There are 3 checkpoints (test) that you must pass, first one I believe is 500 capsule points, second one is 1500 capsule and so on. This will play out in all the 3 routes. ( (0_o) Just noticed: Running out of battery!! q(>-<)p)

School Fair Event
  1. Edward's Route
  2. Kevin's Route
  3. Brother's Route
  4. Evening Fair (to open this one you have to pass all the 3 routes above)
Again it does not require any tickets to progress, just coins/capsule points. If you do not wish to buy coins, you can get capsule points either by, signing in everyday and be lucky enough to receive the points on the 10th day or by playing the game. Which by the way if you run out of energy to play the game, go ahead and play the other routes while you wait for your energy to be restored. It's a great way to kinda get ahead of the game since it will close April 10th. The other routes will be saved so you can go back and forth, even to the main story nothing will change. I for one actually liked the Brother's Route, it was hilarious and cute. Have not done the evening route yet. If you pass a route you will receive avatar items, so if you want some cute items really recommend playing the game! For the walkthrough before here is the link: Story 1 Walkthrough.
Looking for New Second Story Walkthrough!Not Story 2 click here!

It's our Secret: Story 2

 5 Years Later...


1. Scene 2: 

(1.) "Sure."
(2.) "I would love to, but..." (+20)
(3.) "What should I do?"

1. Scene 5:

(1.) "Is something wrong?"
(2.) "I thought I would surprise you..."(+20)
(3.) "..."

 1. Scene 7:

(1.) "You're awake"
(2.) "You startled me!"
(3.) "Good morning." (+20)

1. Scene 8:

(1.) "That's not true."
(2.) "It is special." (+20)
(3.) "That might be true." 


2. Scene 1:

(1.) "..." 
(2.) "Of course they are."
(3.) "Why do yo ask?" (+20)

2. Scene 2: 

(1.) "..." (+20)
(2.) "Well, actually..."
(3.) (Should I tell Kevin?)

2. Scene 5:

(1.) "...I see."
(2.) "Can't you at least try a taste?"
(3.) "Warn me next time." (+20)

2. Scene 6:

(1.) (...I feel lonely.) (+20)
(2.) (Something must be going on.)
(3.) (Oh well.)



3. Scene 1:

(1.) "Thanks."
(2.) "..." (+20)
(3.) "You'll never change."

3. Scene 3:

(1.) "That's none of you business."
(2.) "I went for a drive." (+20)
(3.) "..."

3. Scene 7:

(1.) "I finally get to see you..." (+20)
(2.) "When did you get home?" 
(3.) "I called all day today!"

3. Scene 9:

(1.) "..."
(2.) "Are you going to work today?"
(3.) (...I wish you would stay next to me.) (+20)

Secret Story: Edward (+240)



 4. Scene 1: 

(1.) " I interrupting?" (+20)
(2.) "That's what I wanted to ask you!"
(3.) "Explain yourself."

4. Scene 3:

(1.) (Does he even realize what he's saying...?)
(2.) "Aren't you mad at me?" (+20)
(3.) "Forgive me for interfering with your work."

4. Scene 8: 

(1.) "Stop that!"
(2.) "...I'm hungry." (+20)
(3.) "What was that?”


4. Scene 10:

(1.) (I should apologize...)
(2.) "I'm sorry." (+20)
(3.) "About Mrs. Tate…"


Chapter :

5. Scene 1:

(1.) "That doesn't sound good."
(2.) "C-Cute!"
(3.) "Thanks." (+20)

5. Scene 4: 

(1.) "That long?"
(2.) "He must be a nice person." (+20)
(3.) "I'm surprised you have a friend like that.

5. Scene 6:

(1.) "Is it a secret?"
(2.) "Can't I join you?"
(3.) "..." (+20)

5. Scene 8: 

(1.) "...Don't get mad at me." (+20)
(2.) "..."
(3.) "Why are you here?"

5. Scene 10:

(1.) "Don't worry about me."
(2.) "I can't do this." (+20)
(3.) "It was nothing."

Chapter :

6. Scene 2: 

(1.) "...I'm sorry."
(2.) (Still, they are alike.) (+20)
(3.) "I didn't mean anything by it!"

6. Scene 4:

(1.) "Don't you have something to say?" (+20)
(2.) "Where have you been."
(3.) (Like he cares.)

6. Scene 7:

(1.)  "..."
(2.) (...He didn't say anything to me.)
(3.) "He's been busy." (+20)

6. Scene 9:

(1.) "No, I'll be OK."
(2.) "Not while the exhibition is going." (+20)
(3.) "...I agree."

Chapter 7

7. Scene 3

1. "Thank you."
2. "I'm sorry." (+20)
3. (That's how he feels...)

7. Scene 5

1. (My relationship with Edward.)
2. (My exhaustion from work.)
3. (Everything.) (+20)

7. Scene 7

1. "It took you long enough."
2. "You surprised me."
3. "I wanted to see you." (+20)

7. Scene 9

1. (You must be busy.)
2. (...I want to see you.) (+20)
3. (At least call me.)

Chapter 7: Edward Secret Story

Chapter 8

8. Scene 2

1. "...I believe you Edward."
2. "..." (+20)
3. "...Really?"

8. Scene 4

1. (What are you doing?)
2. (You're so insensitive.)
3. (Don't you want to see me?) (+20)

8. Scene 7

1. "(He asks if something is wrong...!?)"
2. "I wanted to ask you something." (+20)
3. "..."

8. Scene 10

1. "(Maybe if i talked about it.)"
2. "(Is it OK to tell him?)"
3. "(I can't say anything.)" (+20)

Chapter 9

9. Scene 1

1. "I don't want to leave him." (+20)
2. "..."
3. "(He might be right.)"

9. Scene 4

1. "Well, excuse me." (+10)
2. "..." (+5)
3. "I guess I'm a difficult woman." (+20)

9. Scene 6

1. "...I believe you." (+20)
2. "Why should i believe you."
3. "You've changed, haven't you."

9. Scene 7

1. "(That's not true.)"
2. "(Edward...)" (+20)
3. "I'm not running away."

Chapter 9: Kevin Secret Story

Chapter 10

10. Scene 1

1. "How did i get home last night?"
2. "...I would like to object."
3. "I'm never doing that again." (+20)

10. Scene 3

1. "(He isn't planning something, is he?)"
2. "(I can go, but...)" (+20)
3. "(What should i do...)"

10. Scene 4

1. "That's ridiculous."
2. "(Are you jealous?)" (+20)
3. "You're one to talk."

10. Scene 8

1. "(Edward... Help me!)" (+20)
2. "Help. Somebody, help me!"
3. "(I'm scared!)"

10. Scene 9

1. "...You came looking for me." (+20)
2. "You were worried about me?"
3. "(...I'm sorry Edward.)

Chapter 11

11. Scene 2

1. "Thank you." (+20)
2. "No thanks."
3. "..."

11. Scene 3

1. "Thanks." (+20)
2. "Next time, I will."
3. "I hope I can."

11. Scene 6

1. "...You don't want my cooking?."
2. "You need to eat to for strength."
3. "It's here, you might as well eat it." (+20)

11. Scene 8

1. "(Who's coming?)"
2. "That's fine." (+20)
3. "(Did you want me out of here?)"

Chapter 11: Edward Secret Story

Chapter 12

12. Scene 2

1. "Nothing happened."
2. "It's not your concern."
3. "Don't worry about it." (+20)

12. Scene 3

1. "I love Edward." (+20)
2. "I won't let Alecia have him."
3. "I don't know what I should do."

12. Scene 8

1. "I'm not going anywhere." (+20)
2. "Are you not fully awake yet?'
3. "Are you losing it?"

12. Scene 10

1. "..."
2. "He wouldn't do that." (+20)
3. "I wish I had never met you."

All Endings:
Love Point +1000

True End:
Love Point +900

Storybook End:
Love Point +450

Sweet Bitter End:
Love Point -450


  1. Hey everyone,
    If you have a 'Line' Account, then you can get 10 coins for 'It's My Secret'.
    After going to 'My Page'.
    Almost at the bottom of the page.
    Go to Campaign. > Click 'Send to Line' and you will be added 10 coins.
    This only works once a day, but hey after 10 days you have 100 coins!
    So if you do not wish to purchase coins, that is one way to get coins besides Twitter.

  2. Woow! Thank for the info :D

  3. how can I change from the event to the main story???

    1. after clicking my page go all the way down. where it says event. it should say story 1-4. Pick the story that you are in, and you can go back to it to resume where you left of.

    2. So in other words>>
      >>My Page
      >>On the bottom of the page, under Events; there should be 4 pictures of Edward that says...
      >>Story 4, Story 3, Story 2, Story 1.

      >> Then to go back to the School fair Event just click the logo that says school fair.

      Also don't waste all your 5 tickets on the main route, if you do not have at least one ticket you cannot resume the school fair. So have at least one ticket after passing it, go back and the waste your ticket. Not sure if that makes sense...
      >>Pick the one that you left at.

  4. Is it just me or Alecia's image looks different from others? She's so ugly too. And MC thinks she's pretty... She's so ugly... Im starting to think MC sees everyone as a model a day can't tell beautiful from ugly, just what female character hasn't she called a model yet? Gabriella, Mrs Tate, Alecia... Everyone except Anna xD

  5. I'm still in the first story, but if they're still married, I sure hope they're having sex by now. Why are all the chicks in these stories ridiculously prudish and the guys so controlling and psycho jealous? Not just otome games, but stories like 50 Shades, etc. My husband and I would never treat each other as poorly as these characters treat each other. Good grief.
    That was rhetorical. You don't have to explain the whole "a woman has her place/seen not heard" thing and/or "dude taking control/damsel in distress" fantasy. I get that, I'm just venting frustration.

    1. HAHAHAHA!!!

      You just made my day!!

      I guess it's different which makes it exciting... handsome rich possessive bf/husband.

      Though I agree with you, I don't care how rich he is, I will dump him. i probably could not take that harsh complicated frustrating depressing life!


      You will love/hate the second story,
      I for one, thought, the first story was a pain, but finally happy ending right...
      well the second story will frustrate you to the core (at least for me), to the point where you are going to tell yourself,

      'What the hell is the MC doing!! Do something, say something!!!'

      So trust me... at the beginning of the second story no sex, they wont even sleep in the same room. Yeap!!! It frustrated me a whole bunch!! Still is!

  6. admins you need to edit chap 3 scene 1 the ans is number 2

  7. Chapter 7, Scene 3: "I'm sorry" (+20)

  8. Thanks for the walkthrough! Will you continue to update all the 4 stories of Edward in the future as well?

    1. I plan too! Though it will take me some time. Glad to hear that it helped.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Well I agree with you on Edward. I mean I would of killed him right there and then. If not would of walked away, drove home, and take out all his stuff.

  10. I hate alecia so much..urgh...and edward too

  11. I can't take it.... Is he cheating or not?? This is truly truly bothering me....

    1. Oh I'm super pissed at this story. I don't think he's cheating, but I do think he's an ass. (And I love Kevin. He's so cute and amazing.) She should have gone with him from the beginning. Urgh.

    2. Also, it's not "my relationship with Edward". That only gives you five points, but he was annoying me so much that I couldn't help but put it.

    3. This F*** Story!!! UGH!!! Now I know what you meant you two, about this story being annoying and all!! It really!! Then I read the secret story and I was like ok!! I will let it slide foe Eddy!!! But still talk to each other sheesh!!! That women hate her!!

      AYA LOVE YOUR MUSIC playlist!!!

      BTW are you by any chance a DJ??

  12. Hi, may I know if I accidentally deleted the game before I import the data , am I able to import back the data to my phone or to another device?

    1. I think no. Because nased on my experience, I uninstalled a otome game, aside from Its Our Secret, then I reinstalled again and then I found out I just went back to zero :/

    2. If u uninstall it you can install it back and it will still be there. I even tried it myself.

  13. does anyone know how much love meter points you need to view all of the endings ?
    trying to get coins is such a pain in the arse !
    please help , xx

    1. All Endings:
      Love Point +1000

      True End:
      Love Point +900

      Storybook End:
      Love Point +450

      Sweet Bitter End:
      Love Point -450

  14. When I do all endings for story 1, what else do I have to do in order to be able to select story 2. It always says it's not available. Please help.

    1. You should have been able to click on story 2. After you finish story 1, automatically story 2 should be available.

    2. Hello, I have the same problem here.
      I finished the 1st story and it let me to see all the endings, but I only chose the perfect ending. Should I see all the endings (alternative, dream, perfect) to make me able to continue to 2nd story?
      I tried to change the story after I tap the "Change route" on "Menu" but nothing happened. Did I miss something?

      Please help.

    3. You have to go thru all the endings, yes it sucks, but you have to, in order to be able to open the next story, also make sure you have the tickets.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Is Edward Cheating? I hate having to wait until 2:00 everyday to read the next scenarios. I just wanna know.

  17. Thank for walkthrough, it help me a lot and Now i'm trying to catching heart in mini game to get love price fortunately got scenario ticket all the time

  18. I cant stop reading this but man im soo pissed off about the second story it just makes me angry to the core or is it just me I had to read the walkthrough so i know how it ends but still I've never been so frustrated with anything like this before god edward makes me angry im yelling "cheat on edward with kevin" lol I hope the end is what I expect...

  19. I am just wondering, what are the differences between all the endings? I really want a sweet and romantic ending, that has all the misunderstandings fixed, for the 2nd story. :)