The Cinderella Contract Walktrough

The Cinderella Contract Walkthrough: The Royal Wedding

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You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client
to a party filled with foreign socialites.
Wait, are those hot socialites also princes!?
These gorgeous guys clamor around poor, disoriented you.
You let a prince escort you the rest of the evening, which passes like a dream.

Then, the next day...
You're about to fly back home, when you get caught up in an investigation!
Coming to your rescue is a prince from last night...!?
And what's more, he demands that you enter a contract marriage with him as thanks...
You can't turn down his command!

Will you find true love at the end of the aisle?
Or will you find...


The Cinderella Contract - screenshot

Warning: You cannot switch between routes!!! You have to buy a 'Contract' to be able to switch in between routes. Also heard that it resets your affection or something like that. It happened to my friend and she had to start all over so be careful!

The Cinderella Contract - screenshot

■Rossiyskaya Route (Main, Sequel)

[The wicked, sadistic prince: Yuri]

This prince has a devilish side lurking under his sweet smile.
He claims it was love at first sight!? Not that you mind a prince saying he loves you...
But you just met him; how can this be...!?

[The innocent, nurturing prince: Yelisei]

Yuri's younger brother, the complete opposite in personality. Pure-hearted and always smiling.
You're happy to gain a nice little brother, but his childish, overbearing antics are a bit much!?
His large stature doesn't make you feel any safer, either...

■Flanelia Route (Main, Sequel)

[The pushy, alpha-male prince: Claude]

This blue-eyed blond would be a textbook-perfect handsome prince if he weren't so pushy and arrogant.
He pushes you to marry him and become a saint...
Everything is forcibly stolen from you...!?

[The mysterious clergyman: Lugar]

This cardinal is soft-spoken, but it's unclear what's really in his mind.
At the center of church politics, Claude opposes him and warns you to stay away...
But what if Lugar, suspecting you're not a true saint, comes to investigate...!?

■Ingrays Route

[The strong-willed hot-cold prince: Cyril]

Is his rough, un-princelike speech just a way of covering his shyness?
He makes pretty bold statements, but his demeanor seems clumsy...
He says, ""you should just fall in love with me."" What's that supposed to mean...!?

[The dynamic, older prince: Maynard]

Rebellious Cyril's gentle, yet firm Dad.
Though his relationship with his son is strained, he's always nice to you...
You come to rely on him for his maturity more and more...?

>> Is Maynard Cyril's Dad? Or Older brother??!!! (>o<)

■Turkiye Route


Born: August 29th
Blood Type: ??
Hobbies: Car Collection
Likes Japanese Cuisine
Dislikes: Penury

Born: October 13th
Height: 175cm
Blood Type B
Hobbies: Billiards
Likes: Sea, Perfume
Dislikes: The First Prince

Cover art
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Sequels have been added only in the available routes, or the routes we have so far played in.
If you see some with just one answer, then I probably got to lazy and overwhelmed and just typed in the right answer, will add details later.


Please do let us know if we have something wrong.

Click the name of the route, and it should take you to the page.
Remember their might be mistakes, since it's a bit confusing, so do have patience with us.
Thank you!

If you do not have a certain amount you cannot proceed the story, you have been warned!!


>>Contributors: Chel, Amy, Ling, Mei, Anonymous<<


 >>> Rossiyskaya Route <<<


 >>> Flanelia Route <<<


 >>> Ingrays Route <<< 

>> Turkey Route <<




  How to look at your Meter???

After you go to 'My Page'.

You should see your meter at the bottom.

It should look like the one above. The rose has to be moving to the Premium side. 

Like example this was at the very beginning in Chapter 3 I think, my love meter for Yuki had moved.

If you want a detailed report on all of your stats ad other info. 

Go back to the top either 'Top' or 'My Page'. On the top right corner Click 'Menu'.

 Then on the third row. Click 'My Data'.

Afterwards you should be seeing something like this...

Hope this somewhat helped how to read your stats.

  In order to continue story. Make sure you met all requirements, and that you have scenario tickets. 

You can progress the story by clicking 'Next Story'.


  Also Asena & Isuka route out!


 *:.。. ..:*゜゚*:.。. .。 Happy Easter!! *:.。. .。.:*・゜゚*:. .

Please do let me know if you find any mistakes. Thanks again everyone!!


  1. My Invitation Code : 2zAW5N. Let's enjoy the game together!

  2. I wanted to choose asena but there is not a route for him whyyyy??

    1. ME TOO!!! I am so pissed off that I can't pick him. I love the guys with black hair or white. Not sure why...
      But I also love the guys with blonde hair.
      Man maybe later on we can...
      I hope! I mean from what I can tell, the japanese pics Aya posted it's Asena and the guy with white/silver hair, and its not Yuri... are they the next route???

    2. Why is there no route for Asena!!! At first i was aiming for his route then when i saw the route choices i was all Fffffffff....And on the Ingrays route Maynard the father? I didnt pick his route for-uh-reasons

    3. Yes i am think that they must make a route for asena and his pic is posted.... I wish to read asena route<3 i am reading yuri's route he's handsome but i prefer guys with black hairs hehe

    4. LOL! Me too!!
      I wanted to pick ASENA!!!
      I usually go for the guys with black hair... not sure why??
      and then blonde/white... again not sure why?
      Oh well I know in the Japanese version they do.
      So I am hoping later on they will open up.
      Though I probably have to wait just like Sinbad's route, who I wanted to pick in Arabian Nights.

    5. When i was playing the prologue i was already planning on choosing Asena. But i got really disappointed when i saw no route for Asena... But i wish they would make one.. I chose the Flanelia route cause I like blondes like Usui and I dont fancy MC being paired up witha father

    6. LOL! Very good reasons!!

    7. Yeah, as of now I think everyone wanted Asena.

    8. hes just cool. and smart. and totally rocks xD

      Gift-Code: mHYQ2N

  3. Lol it's so funny xD my name is Asena and I'm a girl :'D I was shocked when I saw his name, because I wanted to use my real name for this game...Asena is usually used for girls and not boys ...whatever ^_^ I hope he will have a route :3

  4. Hello ...... may i ask u some question.... i hope you'll answer it....
    I chose the answer above but it seems that it doesnt give me any points?after the scenario with the choices,the must be added point right? but mine dont add the answer incorrect?or has something to do with my installation?
    Please to answer it..... tHank you

    1. Tomoyo yes i didnt receive any poit either on other games they will put that the number of point we received please Aya if you know any thing about this tell u plzz and thank you

    2. Yeap, I know what you mean!! That's what I meant about my friends confusing me. You actually don't know how many points you get. The best way to know is to go to Menu>My Data> On the bottom it should show you everything.
      As of now, I have added a few things on the walkthrough for Flanelia; rechecked everything up until 1.14. Hope it makes some sense.

      If you can give me the chapter and scenario, or where you have stop at that way I can look ahead before the new day starts. That will be great help!

  5. I also wanted to pick Asena D': Well I ended picking Cyril, I hope his route is interesting :) My invitation code is: MRZXLF if someone needs it.

  6. Can anyone please explain to me what the bar with the characters names with it mean... I know that it shows your progress with the character but i dont get how?? Im really confused...

    1. If the rose moves toward the hard then you will get the happy end. I'm guessing if you don't then you probably get a normal end or bad end.

  7. I wanted Asena as well T_T from the moment I saw the picture~ well until his route is available I'm gonna go with Cyril/Maynard invitation code is D7ZHFb if you want 5000 feminine points and an item :)

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  11. Hi. I'd like to thank you for all your hard work in preparing these walkthroughs for us!

    Also, your music taste is the best I've come across so far. I'm glad you know who Armin Van Buuren is :3. The piano music is also amazing. Calming, yet melancholic, which I adore.
    Thank you~ <3

    1. Hello!
      No problem!!
      Thank you for taking the time and visiting, and being patient with the updates.

      Yes, very huge fan of Armin Van Buuren!! Glad you like it!

  12. My invitation code for IPhone app version of the game: nxjpzt

  13. Cinderella Contract Invitation Code: [YPt6Ea]

  14. add me please!! e5imzB I use Androud :D playing Ingrays story <3

  15. hi guys.. i just want to ask u something, how's the way to add people with unique code? i try it many times, but i still dont get it..

    1. At the beginning of the game you are asked to enter invitation code. In order for the both of you to receive the gift. You cannot enter a code again afterwards. Only those who are new and you are inviting.
      But it sucks since it's not Platinum. :(

  16. huhu really want to choose Asena....

  17. My invite code: i7b8x2

  18. 8FnxGk please add this code and you will get a reward

  19. I wanted Asena the most. He really seemed nice. :)
    But then he wasn't there... so I was thinking Cyril, but since it's my first time doing love games I was like "I'll test out the blond guy first". I hope I'll be able to change later. Though, Claude is a lot nicer than I though. ^_^

  20. Ya, hope the will release Asena's route one day! Or SOON! But I like Yuri too... hahaha!!! Between how much is the contract which used to switch in between routes? And is it that I purchased once then I can switch between routes whenever I want?

  21. I found this hack site online for the game, It claim free platinum and story unlimited tickets.
    I dont know if it works or not. Has anyone tried it??

    1. Hello, I never visited the site before I just purchase platinum.

      Be careful with the sites you visit though.

    2. so what is it about? did u use the hack?

  22. It sucks that we cant have free platinum to read extra scenarios T_T I only have paypal but no credit card so I can purchase. Platinum I really want to read those scenes and to increase my wardrobe limit... I really need Platinum!!!

  23. I wish Asena has his own route. He's just completely cuuuute. Like all the other guys.

    Invitation code: Z25XkZ
    (to get 5000 feminine)

  24. HI can i ask you how long did you wait for the route in the arabian nights you mentioned long ago

    1. All walkthroughs in Arabian Nights have been posted and are completed. It is just on a different page. Try using the 'search this blog' and type Arabian Nights.

  25. I just wanna know about how long, like 5 months or what? Because maybe it's like how long we will have to wait for Asena's route, like Aya said, that she waited for the route in the Arabian Nights to appear

    1. For the Asena route, I know for sure there is a route that is available in Japan. A couple of my friends are already playing the game. Japanese version of course.

      For Arabian Nights, it did not take too long it was about maybe 3 months at the most, but If I do remember correctly... In shoot forgot the name...


      In Office Lover, for the next season to show up or be available, it's taking rather a bit of time. Since Only Kitazawa's is available. Shiraishi and Kagaya's is still unavailable.

      Also Biding For Love the New Season is already out since last year. Again In japan.


      Who knows...
      In my opinion lately they have been adding quite a few games pretty fast, in short amt of time.

      I will say maybe the amt of time that people take to complete all 3 routes, maybe that's around the time that they will add the Asena route...


      That's just my opinion!

      So who knows,
      will announce when I see anything pop out.

      Patience is key!

    I went on this morning and its nowpart of the princes!

  27. Asena's route is up as of today! So excited!

  28. Hello! Can you help me? I'm just started to play Asena route, but I can't find where's to push "story" and continue playing Q___Q

    1. ???
      Hmm... that's weird.
      You should be able to.
      Unless you have no more scenario tickets then that would explain why you are not able to proceed or, it's asking you for elegant/charm pts.

      If not try to restart it. By exiting the game and redoing it all over again. And see id you might be able to play again. Posted a picture above, to show you what I mean. it should 'next story'.

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  31. Sorry, I thought my elegant was enough, but it wasn't, that the case :'D thank you~~

  32. Yes Asena is finally here! And please use my invite code: iGrazH

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  34. Helloo..
    May I ask you?
    I was finished yuri's route with normal ending. And then i get new route ticket and reset ticket. I want to use reset ticket and play again fron the beginning. But after read the warning before reset route. I read a warning that " if you reset. Scenarios, reputation point that increas in scenarios and elegance which you saved in this route is reset all ". What the meaning of elegance which you saved in? Is that elegance that we increase when we play love lesson? So poor if it's true.T____T
    And then i want to ask about new route. Is the elegance that we get in last route will be reset too?

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

    Yuki Yakama

    1. Hi Yuki!!

      Pardon for the lateness.

      In short... You have to start all over from scratch.
      You get to keep all the clothes or anything you bought with platinum/ feminine or whatever that's called.
      But other than that, yeah you start all over.

      So go ahead and reset nothing bad will happen is just starting the game all over again. You get to keep everything like clothes/items.

      So no worries!

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    Thanks ~♡

  37. hi guys, please help.. how to purchase platinum in ciderella contract?

    1. There should be a button that says Platinum on the bottom right corner. click that after pick whatever you want, you have to pay credit card or google play or ios cards just a heads up!

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  39. Thank you so much for your hard work! This has been heaps helpful.
    Oh, for iPhone users looking for codes use mine; wxA3b2

  40. i love asena route XD

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